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Solo Leveling: What To Expect From The Anime

Solo Leveling is a south Korean Manhwa written by Chugong and illustrated by Jang Sung-Rak. The anime for the manhwa was announced at the Anime Expo 2022. Solo Leveling is one of the most famous manhwas worldwide. Fans are excited about the anime adaptation of the series. A-1 Pictures will produce this modern fantasy anime.

Everything We Know So Far

Solo Leveling will release sometime in 2023. Unfortunately, no release date has been announced so far. The popular anime studio A-1 Pictures will produce the series. It is responsible for anime like sword art online and black butler and Erased.

The series recently dropped concept art for fans. Jinwoo and Cha Hae-in sketches were released. Fans will finally see their favorite characters come alive on screen.

Crunchyroll has licensed anime outside of Asia. Therefore the anime will be available to stream on Crunchyroll after the Japanese premier of the series. Shunsuke Nakashige will be directing the series, and Tomoko Sudo will design the characters.

Moreover, A game was also announced on the official website, which held pre-registration for South Korean users. The game is called Solo Leveling: Arise. Finally, users can fight as webtoon characters and create action styles and skills.

What Is Solo Leveling About

Solo Leveling takes place in a world full of monsters from different dimensions. Humans with extraordinary power are called Hunters. Moreover, these hunters are ranked varying to their strengths.

They hunt these monsters and are humanity’s only hope against these creatures. Sung Jinwoo, a notoriously weak Hunter, finds it very difficult to survive in this world. Monsters are also given rankings based on their strength. Hunters stop these monsters from wreaking havoc on the planet.

However, One day after surviving a double dungeon, a place where different powerful monsters reside. Jinwoo barely survives this dungeon that almost kills his entire party. After this experience, System, a mysterious program, recruits our main protagonist.

Jinwoo is given a unique power without any limit by the program. They make him their solo player. Jinwoo sets out on a journey to kill these monsters and find the true source of their power and the dungeon’s secret. At the end of the series, Jinwoo is the strongest hunter in the world.

More About The Series

Solo Leveling manhwa published its final chapter on December 29th December 2021.  In addition to this, the series has a total of 179 chapters. Hiroyuki Sawano, who has worked on the title tracks Attack on Titan and Blue Exorcist, will be composing the music for the anime.

The anime might adapt the Japanese translation of the Manhwa as A-1 Pictures is a Japanese production house. Solo Leveling covers some intense arcs in the series.

It will be interesting to see how the Mahwa will be set in the Japanese concept. Lastly, fans are sure to get some intense battle scenes.

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