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Siren Season 4: Is it Cancelled or Renewed?

Mermaids are one of the most intriguing creatures carried from centuries of mythology.

We’ve all been told fantasizing stories about them for years, ever since the Disney movies have been stages, mermaids, as the beautiful water creatures.

However, mermaids can be pretty outrageous at times and their attitudes can range from very kind to aggressive. 

Various kinds of water mermaids are often compared to one another. That being said, both Sirens and mermaids are often confused for one another.

Sirens were originally half-bird half-woman creatures whereas mermaids were always portrayed as malicious others. Inspired by this concept, Freeform introduced animation fans with a unique fantasy drama TV series “Siren”.

The fantasy drama served as a mystery thriller where the main character comes from the world of water in search of her sister who was abducted by some supernatural force.

The series was a successful attempt at establishing mermaids as destructive and blood-sucking, unlike the popular mermaid genre which premiered three seasons.

The last installment of the series premiered in April 2020 making the pandemic a little less annoying for the fans.

The show has left fans wondering if the mythical mermaids are ever gonna come back for the fourth season. Here is everything you should know. 

Siren Season 4: Is It Happening?

The third season of the thriller fantasy drama premiered its finale episode on May 28th, 2020. Since then, there have been a lot of speculations about the arrival of season 4.

The American fantasy TV series has been a decent hit that led to three successful series but the future of the show was somehow sabotaged by the ongoing crisis in the world. 

The production network Freeform announced in August 2020 that the series Siren has been canceled and there will be no fourth season.

The network has officially closed the water gates on Siren for now. But several fans have not taken this announcement seriously.

In fact, there have been a lot of talks for the series to be revived and come back for the fourth season. 

Why Did Freeform Cancel Siren Season 4?

The mermaid fantasy drama created by Eric Wald and Dean White was a fresh foot in the fantasy genre but couldn’t stretch it enough to grip the audience for long.

Despite a decent viewership and a lot of curious fans who are still waiting for an update on the cliffhanger ending from season 3, it is indefinite to say whether the how will come back or not.

The third season took off when the world was shut down. The pandemic made it a tough situation for the show to come back on its feet.

The show demanded a lot of visual independence and a massive land for filming which became another rock to deal with. 

The makers also clarified that the show could not find a convincing storyline for the next season and everything made sense at that point in time. 

The Siren mermaids will probably come back for fresh appearances but you can definitely visit them for their previous seasons available to stream on Freeform. 

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