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Single All The Way Release Date, Trailer and Cast List

Single All the Way is a holiday rom-com movie directed by Tony Award winner Michael Mayer and written by Chad Hodge. The movie follows Peter, a constantly lonely man whose closest buddy poses as his lover just as his mother arranges an amazing blind date with her attractive trainer.

With the release of a new teaser this week, Netflix gave viewers a first peek at its first ever Gay holiday rom-com movie. The movie is definitely going to be amazing. And we do have so many updates to give.

Official Premise Of Single All The Way

Let’s look at a brief overview of the upcoming movie to get a better understanding of it. Peter persuades his best buddy Nick to accompany him for the holidays and claim that they’re now in a relationship in order to dodge his family’s criticism about his constant dating life.

The plan goes awry when Peter’s mother sets him up on a blind date with her attractive trainer James. A love triangle? That’s going to be fun!

Single All The Way Official Release Date

‘Single All The Way,’ the latest upcoming movie, will be released on December 2, 2021. This movie is easily available for streaming on Netflix. “Single All the Way reflected all the things I personally wanted to see in a holiday rom-com,” according to screenwriter and executive producer Chad Hodge in a press statement.

He also explained that, “The list ran the gamut, from honestly portraying the uniqueness of gay friendships and relationships, to the often hilarious dynamics of our families, to Jennifer Coolidge. I’m so grateful to Netflix for embracing all of it.”

Single All The Way Trailer Out

Right now, I’m ecstatic about this important initiative. The official trailer of Single All The Way is already out. The trailer shows Peter’s family being ecstatic to see Nick and then getting involved to push the pals together, as is typical of a good rom-com.

The trailer was recently released, around 2 days ago. What exactly are you waiting for, guys? Check out the trailer below.

Single All The Way Cast List

This movie has an amazing group of casts. Well, that’s what makes it more interesting and amazing. Check out the cast list below.

  • Michael Urie as Peter 
  • Philemon Chambers as Nick
  • Luke MacFarlane as James
  • Barry Bostwick as Peter’s Dad Harold
  • Jennifer Robertson as Sister Lisa
  • Jennifer Coolidge as Aunt Sandy
  • Kathy Najimy as Carole, Peter’s Mom

Coolidge’s character is quoted in the movie saying, “The gays just know how to do stuff. And for some reason they’re always obsessed with me.” Watch the tweet below.

Are you excited? Do let us know what you think of this upcoming movie. Are you looking forward to seeing this movie as well? Stay tuned for more latest updates on a variety of topics.

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