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Simu Liu’s Singing Of Tennessee Whiskey Is Amazing, and His Fans Are Enchanted By It

Chris Stapleton’s popularly sung Tennessee Whiskey has become many people’s favourite, so how many of you own it? Listening to Simu Liu’s cover is a must if you are a fan of the song.

The Canadian actor recently posted a video on his social media account where he sings the song Tennessee Whiskey in a cover version. His fans have been raving about it.

On Instagram, The Actor Posted A Video Of Himself Singing

Because many people are aware of Simu Liu’s fantastic singing skills, you might be happy to know that he has recently posted a video of his singing on his Instagram account, which you might find interesting. It is a video where the actor sings Tennessee Whiskey, a fantastic song while playing his guitar along with the music.

A caption has also been added to the video by Simu, saying, “DISCLAIMER: I have never actually had whiskey from Tennessee”. There are a lot of positive comments posted on this post by his fans, who have been very enthusiastic about the cover he has done.

Brief Note About the Song

The Tennessee Whiskey song was composed by Dean Dillon and Linda Hargrove and is considered a country song. David Allan Coe is regarded as the first American country artist to record the song, and his version reached number 77 on the Hot Country Singles chart in 1981 for the same name Tennessee Whiskey album. It was George Jones’ 1983 version of the song, which placed second on the Hot Country Singles chart, and was included on his album Shine On, released in 1983.

Several artists have covered the song over the years, including Chris Stapleton, who had a breakthrough appearance during the Country Music Association (CMA) Awards in 2012 with Justin Timberlake, bringing the song to a whole new level of popularity. A Diamond certification has been granted by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) to Stapleton’s version of the song.

Simu Liu’s Musical History Is Fascinating

Even though Liu’s Marvel superhero status makes him an A-list contender for hosting Canada’s biggest music event in February 2022, some people may find it difficult to comprehend why an actor would host Canada’s biggest music event. Despite this, the former Kim’s Convenience star possesses a fascinating, hidden past of working in music and performing as well during her time as a star on the show.

The South Korean actor Liu worked on several high-profile music videos for four years before landing the Jung role in Kim’s Convenience, which would become his breakthrough role. He appears for a short time as a suited-up corporate employee in EDM star Avicii’s video for “I Could Be The One” as part of what seems to be one of his first acting gigs ever.

In Fall Out Boy’s official music video for the song “Centuries,” Liu has not seen the video, but he did serve as Pete Wentz’s stunt double during the coliseum battle scene when Pete Wentz is fighting his way through the crowd. A picture of Liu and Wentz was even shared by Liu on Twitter as proof, sharing a photo of them on the set.

Liu found time to jam with friends while filming Kim’s Convenience, appearing on the YouTube channel Covers and Friends. The video below features Liu mash-uping Drake’s 2013 hit “Hold on, We’re Going Home” with Daft Punk’s single “Get Lucky” from the same year.

Despite not speaking Korean, Liu covered Taeyang’s “Eyes, Nose, Lips” in an Instagram live in 2019. He sings on the track “Hot Soup” on the film’s star-studded soundtrack and stars in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings.

During the 2019 Asian American Awards, he sang the following opening song. Imagine what he can do at the Junos with all the Canadian artists!

How do you feel about Simu Liu Singing Tennessee Whiskey, and what is your opinion of it? What do you think about it? Do you like it? Comment below and let us know what you think.


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