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Simon Cowell In Talks To Bring Back ‘The X Factor USA’

‘The X Factor’ founder and judge Simon Cowell revealed in an interview that the show may make its way back to United States TV. However, there is a chance that they will have to find a new home.

What Did Simon Cowell Say?

Simon Cowell got candid in the interview and said that the show will most likely make its way to NBC in the United States and not FOX. He said, “I have a saying in life that’s ‘Always go where you’ve got the best invitation,’ and NBC has offered us to make the show here.”

He said this while promoting NBC’s “America’s Got Talent: All Stars”. The US spin-off of the UK show was aired for about three seasons in 2013. There were rumors that the network was planning to revive the show but it seems like that did not reach a conclusion.

Working With Groups

In a separate interview, Cowell recalled how he got to work with groups on ‘The X Factor’. The man behind America’s Got Talent still has the itch to relaunch the show. He said “I would do it just for that reason. I think about 24 hours ago, I came to a decision. Literally, I was thinking on my own, if I had a choice, I would do it (in the US).”

He also recalled how fun it was to work with some groups and singers who went on to become really popular and successful. He added, “I was thinking about ‘Fifth Harmony,’ I was thinking about Camila (Cabello), and I was just thinking about how much fun we had.”

He recollected how Camilla Cabello wasn’t supposed to audition. The 63-year-old shared the story and mentioned “I happened to go backstage and I saw her crying, asked her why she was crying, and she said, you know, it was too late for her to audition because she was a reserve.”

In a classic Cowell style, he then said “Well, I’m one of the producers, you just got an audition.”

‘The X Factor’ Success Stories

Camilla Cabello’s single Havana was a super hit and she has been a mainstream singer and performer since then. Fifth Harmony placed third on the second season of the show but went on to do fairly well. Their single Work From Home groups went on to become platinum-certified.

Perhaps the world’s most famous and one of the biggest boybands One Direction also came together on the show. Their members Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Harry Styles went on to be successful in their solo careers after parting ways as a group.

Harry Styles, who is perhaps the most famous out of the group, auditioned as a solo act in 2010. But just like Cabello, he agreed to become a part of a group to be in the show.

Recalling his audition, Cowell said, “You never forget those moments and, like I said, genuinely if we weren’t making people’s careers successful, I would never be making these shows today.”

For now, fans await to receive any confirmation about ‘The X Factor’ coming back to the United States.

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