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Showtime Canceled The First Lady After Season 1

The first lady’s role is often underestimated. She is more than just a public figure or a partner to a president. The first lady is an ambassador for her husband, and she has the power to shape the direction of his administration.

Sometimes a TV show sounds promising while writing and does not really do justice to it on the screen. This definitely seemed to be the case with The First Lady on Showtime.

A TV show should be judged not just on the premise but also on its execution, and I feel that is one of the strongest reasons for the production network Showtime to cancel the show after one season. 

Despite popular demand on social media for a second season, The First Dame is not going to be picked up for a second season by Showtime. The decision against moving forward with the star-studded series comes just a month after its season finale.

The production network has collectively voted against moving forward with another season for the American drama based on the Women that are currently at or have been in the White House playing a pivotal role in how the United States is perceived internationally. Here’s everything you need to know. 

Showtime Canceled The First Lady After Season 1

The First Lady was a one-hour drama anthology series that starred Academy Award, Winner Viola Davis. The show premiered on the premium cable network Showtime on April 17 2022, and the first season consisted of 10 episodes.

Sussane Bier’s series had been a hit among critics and viewers alike, but it wasn’t enough to keep the show alive at Showtime. The network decided not to renew the series for Season Two after wrapping the first season just a few nights ago.

The announcement was made by a spokesperson from Showtime confirming that the network will not renew the show ahead and won’t make further seasons.

The announcement mentioned the incredible work done by showrunner Cathy Schulman, Director Susanne Bier, and the amazing cast of Viola Davis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Gillian Anderson.

What was the show about?

The series followed America’s charismatic, complicated and dynamic first ladies as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of their roles.

In addition to exploring what it means to be a woman in politics today, we will also look at how these women continue to inspire us today as leaders, mothers and as role models.

The first season of “First Ladies: The Story of America’s Presidents and Their Wives” provided a glimpse into the lives behind the scenes of three of the most memorable first ladies in recent years — Eleanor Roosevelt, Betty Ford and Michelle Obama. 

The series focused on those three women during their careers as first ladies and highlighted how each of them changed the course of history for women.

The program featuring interviews with historians, journalists, government officials and members of their families followed each woman from childhood to adulthood.

It also delved into their personal lives, including their marriages to presidents Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Barack Obama.

The series First Lady is available to stream on Showtime. 

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