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Shows To Watch Before Squid Game Season 2

You’ve certainly heard about Netflix’s most popular series. Which has received 1.65 billion hours of viewing in its first 28 days and is more popular than anything else they’ve ever released.

‘Squid Game’ is what I’m talking about! Have you seen it yet? If you haven’t, you’re going to love it, once you do.

And for people who have seen it we know how you’re excited for the next season to be released. You probably want something like squid game to watch because the show was amazing. Do you want to know which shows are sort of similar to Squid Game?

So, you can binge-watch these shows as well. While you’re waiting for Squid Game 2. There’s no need to be concerned. To know about those shows, simply read further.

Shows To Watch Before Squid Game 2

Can’t wait to share these incredible shows, that are sort of related to Squid Game. You will actually like it. They are kind of relatable to Squid Game, but with their own narrative.

1. Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland, is show that is most frequently compared to Squid Game. And it’s sort of relatable to Squid Game. Let me give you the premise of it.

Arisu, a video gaming addict, hangs out with his friends Chota and Karube in Tokyo. The trio initiates an argument while dancing in the streets of Shibuya Crossing, resulting in them being pursued by the police.

The trio runs to hide in a restroom and after exiting from the restroom. Well, they find the city is completely deserted and then, Boom! they’ve entered themselves in a game arena where friendship, loyalty, and love are put to the test.

2. Hellbound

First let me give you a short premise of this show before giving any details about it. Hellbound explores the lives of people who are haunted by prophecies of being dragged to hell, having committed sins at some time in their life.

It was initially a webtoon by Train to Busan director Yeon Sang-ho, who also directs the Netflix live-action series.

The characters in this shows, such as Min, Bae, and his wife, as well as others, will give you chills in the same way as the tug of war game did in the squid game.

3. Sweet Home

This show is a considerably more horror-oriented show about a young man who moves into a new building only to discover that he is in a building where people are turning monsters.

Sweet Home is another show that depicts the struggle for existence and does so admirably. It has the same twisted, wacky Korean drama vibe as Squid Game.

The casting is excellent. The actors performed an outstanding job representing their characters. In addition, the soundtracks are excellent.

Overall, it’s spectacular and an absolute must-watch!

4. 3%

With its focus on a destitute people putting themselves in fatal danger for the opportunity at a better existence, the idea of this Brazilian dystopian thriller series is similar to that of Squid Game.

The series takes place in an indeterminate future in which 20-year-olds from the destitute “Inland” have one chance to finish “The Process” and rise to the affluence of the faraway “Offshore” society.

While the majority of unsuccessful candidates are simply discarded, some do not, resulting in only 3% of candidates succeeding.

The writers aren’t scared to follow the dangerous path. There are an endless number of possible outcomes in every occurrence. If dystopian drama is your thing, this is a perfect show for you to watch.

5. Liar Game

When a college student accepts an invitation to participate in the mystery reality show Liar Game. She discovers more than she bargained for in a psychological survival game in which contestants succeed by deceiving one another. The person who is the most deceitful wins.

Liar Game is a Japanese television drama based on a manga series of the same name.

The show, directed by Hiroaki Matsuyama, is somewhat similar to Squid Game in the sense that it is similarly about people playing desperate games for a large sum of money.

And it explores debt and its consequences on people in the same way that Squid Game does.

6. Extracurricular

Extracurricular is a drama about a bunch of dysfunctional teenagers who commit crimes in order to get money. It’s a dark, exciting, violent, mature Korean teen crime drama.

Except for the cruel activities and subsequent murder, it’s very similar to Squid Game in terms of subject matter.

Despite the fact that the stories of Squid Game and Extracurricular are totally different, the messages they both represent are somewhat comparable.

Basically, this drama depicts the gloomy side of high school kids and their struggle to cope with their surroundings.

It depicts the issues that kids encounter and how they unwittingly get themselves into situations that are difficult to correct.

7. Kingdom

This shows is set in a fictional, medieval-inspired Joseon kingdom and follows a Crown Prince as he attempts to discover the origins of a deadly sickness that is ravaging his country.

Aside from the zombie apocalypse that sets it apart from Squid Game. The Korean drama is a dark thriller featuring an elevated race against time, similar to the lethal, planned games in Squid Game.

Kingdom’s tension is one of the show’s best features, similar to the squid game.

I’m sure you guys have varied preferences in terms of series genres. However, these shows contain some amazing storyline, and are comparable to the squid game.

I hope you found something to binge-watch. And do let me know if you have any suggestions of shows that are like Squid Game. Or the one that everyone should definitely binge-watch. Comment it below.

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