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10 Shows Like Virgin River to Watch Before Season 4 Releases

Virgin River follows Melinda “Mel” Monroe, who informs a commercial to take a job as a midwife and nurse practitioner in the remote Northern California town of Virgin River, beginning to think it will be the perfect place to start fresh and end up leaving her unpleasant memories apart.

But she quickly realizes that small-town life isn’t as simple as she had imagined. Before she can fully call Virgin River home, she must learn to restore herself. Many viewers love this show, so if you’re one of them, stop waiting and start watching similar shows like Virgin River.

10 Shows Like Virgin River To Binge-Watch

We’ve already mentioned a few fantastic shows that viewers will like. These shows are comparable to Virgin River in some aspects, yet they each have their own unique storylines. They are, nonetheless, well worth watching. Let’s get started.

1. Sweet Magnolias (1 Season)

Sweet Magnolias is a Netflix original show that has only aired one season so far. Sheryl J. Anderson created this American romantic drama series, which is based on Sherryl Woods’ Sweet Magnolias novels.

The storyline of the series reminds us of Virgin River, particularly the way it began. “Three South Carolina women, best friends since childhood, as they navigate each other through the challenges of romance, career, and family,” according to the amazing synopsis.

2. Outlander (5 Seasons)

You’ve probably heard of this series. ‘Outlander’ is based on Diana Gabaldon’s best-selling novels. Claire Randall is on her second honeymoon in Scotland with her husband Frank, an MI6 officer looking forward to a career change as an Oxford historian, after enlisting as a British Army nurse in World War II.

Claire is abruptly taken to 1743, into a strange world in which her independence and existence are in jeopardy. To stay alive, she marries Jamie Fraser, a hulking Scotsman with a tumultuous background and a charming sense of humor.

Claire is caught between two very different guys in two inharmonious lifestyles as a result of passionate love. Well, we’re talking about a love triangle over here. Yes, you can already guess.

3. This Is Us (5 Seasons)

Definitely a worth watching series. The series focuses on the lives of siblings Kevin, Kate, and Randall, and their parents Jack and Rebecca Pearson. It is set primarily in the current day and employs flashbacks to depict the family’s history. Kevin and Kate are the only two children from a triplet pregnancy who have survived.

4. Hart of Dixie (4 Seasons)

Dr. Zoe receives a job opportunity from a stranger, Dr. Wilkes, at his Bluebell medical clinic. But, by the time she arrives, Dr. Wilkes has passed away, leaving her half of the practice in his will. Hart of Dixie, a CW drama, is Virgin River’s funnier, goofier twin. There are several similarities between the show and Virgin River.

5. Gilmore Girls (7 Season)

If you’re looking for a Cozy Town Vibe from Virgin River, what’s better than watching Gilmore Girls? Lorelai Gilmore is a strong-willed young woman who has a close connection with her rebellious daughter, Rory. Her connection with her own mother, on the other hand, is difficult.

6. Heartland (15 Seasons)

Heartland is another series with a small-town feeling. If you’re searching for a long sequence to watch, this is the one to stream. Amy vows to continue her job of treating traumatized horses when her mother is killed in an accident. With the arrival of her estranged father and New York-based sister, her world is soon turned upside down.

7. Call the Midwife (10 Seasons)

If you want to see a show involving nurses, this is the series to watch. It follows a group of nurse midwives working in London’s East End in the late 1950s as they struggle with the rigors of their daily lives while attempting to adapt to the changing world around them.

8. Chesapeake Shores (5 Seasons)

Abby O’Brien, a successful career woman, has moved from her hometown of Chesapeake Shores to the great city of New York. When the divorced mother of twins returns home, she is reunited with old friends and acquaintances, including high school sweetheart Trace, uncompromising father Mick, and illustrious grandma Nell.

Abby’s reflection on her past, along with the knowledge that her career is limiting her capacity to be a hands-on mother to her girls, prompts her to consider returning to Chesapeake Shores permanently, which she does.

9. Everwood (4 Seasons)

After his wife passes away, world-renowned brain surgeon Dr. Andrew Brown’s life is permanently transformed. He moves his two children, Delia and Ephram, from glitzy Manhattan and his successful medical practice to the lovely tiny town of Everwood, Colo., which he chose because of his late wife’s personal tie to the town.

The show follows the family as they adjust to small-town life, as well as the children’s interactions with their contemporaries, both as friends and in the dating scene.

10. Northern Rescue (1 Season)

If you’re looking for a short series, watch this out. Following the death of his wife, search-and-rescue captain John West relocates his three children from Boston to his remote homeland of Turtle Island Bay. As John and his children grieve with their loss, the death has an impact on every one of their lives.

Along the way, John tackles personal and professional challenges, while his children cope with ordinary concerns that children and teenagers face, such as school and friendships. What’s common? Moving for a fresh start!

If you like Virgin River, these are some of the shows you should certainly watch. In the comments box below, you may also tell us about some of your favorite shows. Something that’s similar to Virgin River. Enjoy your binge-watching!

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