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10 Shows Like Ted Lasso to Binge-Watch with Friends

Ted Lasso describes the tale of a small-town football coach. Despite having no prior coaching expertise, Ted Lasso is appointed to manage a professional soccer team in England. The show first aired in 2020, which was a difficult period for many people; yet, this show was widely binge-watched and is still everyone’s favorite.

Viewers, on the other hand, want to see series like Ted Lasso. That is why we are here. If you’re looking for something similar to Ted Lasso, here’s a list of 10 shows that are similar to Ted Lasso and that you could enjoy.

Shows Like Ted Lasso To Binge-Watch

You can binge-watch any show you want, and it will hopefully give you the same vibe that Ted Lasso did. It won’t be exactly the same, but it’ll be worth it, and you might even appreciate it better than you imagined.

1. The Good Place (4 Seasons)

Let’s start with The Good Place, a wonderful comedy series. The series premiered in 2016 and has a total of four seasons. The show’s plot centers around Eleanor, a deceased saleswoman who had a corrupt and evil life but, due to a case of mistaken identity, finds herself in a heaven-like afterlife and seeks to conceal her past in order to remain there.

2. Brockmire (4 Seasons)

Ted Lasso is one of the top two sports comedy of recent years. Brockmire is another one that you might be able to relate to Ted Lasso. The series follows Jim Brockmire, a once-famous major league baseball commentator who has an embarrassing on-air meltdown as a result of his wife’s chronic adultery, forcing him to leave the booth for a decade.

Brockmire, now older and presumably wiser, returns to the mic in a bid to restore his career, reputation, and love life, but the backdrop — a run-down rust belt town and home of the minor league’s Morristown Frackers — isn’t quite what he had in mind. The show is hilarious and you would love it.

3. The League (7 Seasons)

This show, on the other hand, is definitely worth watching. It’s all about pals and their football fantasies. The plot revolves around a bunch of friends who are all huge fantasy football fans and are trying to find a way to manage their time between the league and their everyday life.

It becomes an issue, however, when the friendly competition turns into a win-at-all-costs mentality that seeps into their personal lives and even the job. The race to win the league — and the bragging privileges that come with it — is fierce.

4. Detroiters (2 Seasons)

Best friends and Detroit natives Sam Richardson and Tim Robinson star as aspiring advertising guys in the Motor City in “Detroiters.” The guys depend on persistent desire to establish a local advertising empire because they lack the resources to compete with big firms’ money, contacts, and talent. Tim and Sam’s affection for each other and their hometown remains unwavering no matter what occurs.

5. Schitt’s Creek (6 Seasons)

A married couple goes bankrupt all of a sudden, and their sole remaining possession is an unsightly tiny village called Schitt’s Creek. While the residents in Schitt’s Creek start out skeptical about their predicament, the show eventually becomes more cheerful, similar to Ted Lasso.

6. Parks And Recreation (7 Seasons)

Another outstanding sitcom that is well worth your time. Leslie Knope, a mid-level bureaucrat, wants to support a local nurse, Ann, convert a deserted construction site into a communal park, but she has to cope with red tape and egotistical neighbors. Comparable to Ted Lasso, the character development is similar.

7. Friday Night Lights (5 Seasons)

‘Friday Night Lights’ is set in the little Texas town of Dillon, where achieving the state football title is the most important thing. Coach Eric Taylor leads a high school football team through high-pressure seasons while also dealing with personal issues.

Many of the difficulties of small-town America are addressed in the relationships between team members, current and former players, supporters, coaching staff, and regular town folk.

8. Pitch (1 Season)

If you’re searching for mini-series like Ted Lasso so what’s better than watching ‘Pitch’? It only has one season. Ginny Baker’s ambitions turn out to be true when she is hired as a pitcher by a Major League team. As she begins her professional baseball career, her gender presents a greater difficulty than she anticipated.

9. Eastbound & Down (4 Seasons)

Eastbound & Down is a series worth watching. Kenny Powers, a baseball player, comes back to his hometown after experiencing numerous ups and downs in his professional career.

10. Lodge 49 (2 Seasons)

Last but not least, Lodge 49 is a brilliant series. A cheerful, perennially optimistic ex-surfer named Dud wanders into his life’s new path, looking for some semblance of the lovely middle-class world he knew before his father’s death and the family business crumbling.

He finds himself on the threshold of a derelict fraternal lodge, where plumbing salesman Ernie, a “Luminous Knight” of the organization, greets him with open arms. Lodge 49 offers Dud a world of cheap beer, easy camaraderie, and weird al-chemical ideas that may be able to help him confront his innermost fears and hopes.

If you enjoyed Ted Lasso, those were some of the fantastic series you could binge-watch. You could also tell us about some of your favorite series that are comparable to Ted Lasso.

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