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Shows Like Raised By Wolves That Will Keep You Engaged

Man Or Animal? Death Is Forever When You’re An Animal.

Raised By Wolves is a dystopian futuristic drama in the vein of Blade Runner, Dune, and other sci-fi classics that hooks you in from the first episode with a foreboding sense that something unexpected is about to happen.

Raised by Wolves is a one-of-a-kind drama in which the sci-fi genre is combined with post-apocalyptic elements and religious themes, making for an excellent combination.

The show premiered in 2021 and presently has two seasons. Spectators are eagerly awaiting the release of season 3 of the show, though the exact date has yet to be confirmed.

Well, there are millions of sci-fi shows out there, but we get so hooked to one that when it’s over or halfway over. We can’t stop ourselves from waiting for the next part.

As a show, Raised By Wolves has done the same to its audience. To make up for their wait, we’ve produced a list of ten shows that are similar to Raised by Wolves for sci-fi enthusiasts or RBW fans.

First, let’s reconcile the main plot of Raised By Wolves, and then we’ll take a look at the list of the series similar to it.

Raised By Wolves Premise

After humanity/Earth is destroyed by a worldwide battle between atheists and a fundamentalist faction of Sun worshippers known as the Mithraie.

The overall series begins with the story of a pair of androids tasked with raising human offspring on a desolate, dry planet (Kepler 22b).

However, as the first two seasons went, the show evolved into a dark, mysterious, existential meditation on humanity’s fundamental urges, along with plenty of violence and horror (viewer discretion is indeed advised). Nothing is superfluous with Ridley Scott, and any/all shocking scenes drive the story.

The mysterious and at times seemingly terrifying Mother, portrayed perfectly by relative newcomer Amanda Collins, appears to be the series’ protagonist.

It is without a doubt the most challenging and fascinating role to date. After seeing the space-mulleted Travis Fimmel swaggering into the frame in the first episode, Vikings supporters will be spotting wood.

Fimmel is in good form here, playing a significant role not dissimilar to the legendary Ragnar Lothbrok. He’s tough and multi-layered, and it’s great to have him back on the small screen.

Shows Like Raised By Wolves That’s Worth Watching

Now let’s take a look at the series similar to ‘Raised By Wolves’ to worth our wait for its upcoming seasons.

1. Foundation

Goyer presents us with a sophisticated character-based novel covering a galaxy of space-time places and events, integrating science, politics, religion, psychology, history, warp-speed starships, time-space portal jump ships, evolved, cloned, and less developed humanity.

This series provides brief glimpses of almost every other sci-if big hitter you can imagine. But Foundation breaks new ground with much more deeply fleshed-out paradigms to make it fuller and impeccably grounded.

With this being a series rather than a movie t has the time to do this. It also firmly hits home on a culturally involved level that draws you to the point of witnessing a deeply plausible civilization, rather than watching a spectacle.

Loosely based on the novel series, Foundation is about avoiding the collapse of humankind amidst the prediction of a millennia-long empirical peace and unity among most of the known cosmos.

2. Avenue 5 

It may appear like the show isn’t sure where it’s going, but by the halfway point of season 1, it’s all coming together and the punchlines are revealing themselves, compounding to become increasingly funny as the crew panics and makes increasingly stupid mistakes.

Hugh Laurie’s character in the film is a humorous tribute to his remarkable career in both British comedy and American drama. Every character contributes admirably to the show’s bleakly hilarious tone.

Because it’s so close to home, the premise of the show is about hundreds of spoilt, entitled, unpleasant rich people on a luxury space voyage gone bad, fueled by knee-jerk slogans, the loudest voices, and fake news, which is delectable and terrifyingly plausible.

Season 2 appears to be quite promising.

3. Tales From The Loop

This is not the show for you if you want laser beams and lots of panning. This show is more like seeing art. It makes you think deeply, and the stories are really well-crafted.

The acting, as well as the music and photography, are outstanding. Although it may appear slow to some, it is an important aspect of the show’s dynamism. You can’t go wrong with cast members from “Ant-Man,” “Game of Thrones,” “The Gift,” “Terminator Salvation,” and “The Ring.”

We only hope that its popularity is great enough for Amazon to create additional seasons. The whole thing just sits with you for a while. Maybe it isn’t for everyone. But it’s refreshing to know there’s still room for this kind of show out there.

4. The OA 

The OA is a fantastic departure from the silly Vampire, Zombie, Transformer, and Superhero fare that is available everywhere, and that is intended to satiate us, for those of us who are thirsty for quality, intelligent, innovative fiction.

Despite what many expert critics have said, the story is compelling. Prairie Johnson (Brit Martling) finally recovered after being lost for eight years, but something is drastically different.

The once blind girl can now see, but she also has strange scars on her back and appears to be entirely detached from reality.

Prairie’s family tries to help her recover and reintegrate, but they have limited success because she appears to be obsessed with completing a task.

Prairie must first enlist the assistance of five individuals and tell them her narrative, including where she’s been, how she got there, and what happened to her. The OA is an unusual show that includes various dimensions, near-death experiences, and even interpretive dancing.

You are unlikely to enjoy this show if you are not a fan of science fiction or prefer your science fiction to be filled with action and exotic beings. The OA is incredibly dark, sometimes unbearably slow, and it repeatedly repeats itself, in my opinion.

5. Devs

The plot is jumbled in an arty farty style to provoke thought, but truly, the physics is difficult enough.

And just getting through the episodes and attempting to figure out what the research was about was difficult enough without making the puzzle so frustrating that we just wanted to give up.

It’s not a good idea to watch this alone because you’ll need other people to bounce ideas and questions off. There is many things, but one of them is mind-provoking.

Every episode has its own distinct flavor, and the sound quality is outstanding. It feels like you’re in 1960s San Francisco at times, and 1984 at others, but with cutting-edge technology.

6. Star Trek: Picard

When an actor returns to a role after a long absence, it can be painfully nostalgic. Even more so when you witness groups reuniting with old faces and bodies in place of the ones we remember.

Because this is a fictional story, there will be gaps in storylines, plot devices, and so on. The tone will be different from prior shows due to the new writers. This show is more character-driven than TNG, focusing on the next chapter of Picard’s life.

Aliens had infiltrated high-ranking members in one case. However, the vast majority of people were honorable, respectable, and well-educated individuals.

Except for a few exceptions like the con man Harvey Mudd, truly evil, nasty people had largely vanished from society. However, we never saw how mankind reacted to the Borg threat on the inside.

Did it affect their culture? If so, how? What was the long-term impact of Lt. Commander Data’s self-sacrifice on Picard? We feel that this show will start to answer some of those issues.

And it will do it in an emotionally complicated way that we haven’t seen much of in recent show writing.

7. See

The show airs at a wonderful time when we are all aware of how damaging we are to the environment and how more knowledge does not always equal more wisdom.

What’s wrong with living a peaceful life apart from the world if your family loves each other and sticks together till the end?

The story is set in a dystopian future where a virus has turned most of humanity blind, and the few remaining humans with sight are mocked and labeled as witches.

In the midst of chaos and bloodshed between rival factions, tribe ruler Baba Voss (Jason Momoa) will go to any length to protect his two blind children.

With a unique concept, a diverse cast of characters expertly choreographed fight sequences, and outstanding production values, the series is a must-see.

8. Into The Badlands

The plot is set in the Badlands, a futuristic medieval civilization. A feudal system governs the planet, with barons, viceroys, territories, and assassins known as clippers.

Sunny, one of the most feared and infamous clippers has gone rogue following the murder of his wife. As the war for dominance of the Badlands proceeds, barons and antagonists such as Quinn, The Widow, Pilgram, and the Black Lotus come and leave.

Because AMC’s choice with the series is well-known, the final savior of the Badlands maybe another network accepting ‘ITB’ to allow the narrative to continue. Regardless, this is the peak of the genre.

This show is said to be praised at the highest levels for its originality, combat choreography, tension, plotline, and everything else we don’t know about filmmaking, lol.

In a rural dystopia, Into the Badlands is a brilliantly crafted narrative of cruelty, personal growth, and change for all characters. It’s packed with action and features Steampunk influences.

9. Almost Human

It’s a shame that major streaming channels no longer produce science fiction series like this. A good mix of humor and an attempt to extrapolate trends into futuristic crime scenarios are present.

You won’t even pause for a second if you think it’s dull and lots of emotional support sequences. No, there is less emotional melodrama, so you won’t fall asleep.

The plot revolves around a human investigator and a logical Android that has been experiencing human emotions due to a programming error.

It’s amusing to see a human and an Android communicating in a language that only the creator understands.

10. Altered Carbon

As we approach singularity, the Sci-Fi storylines, props, sights, and ideas of Earth 250 years in the future are rather true to what (and where) our future is truly heading.

When you use ‘constructs’ in VR to interrogate criminals or arrange a sit-down meeting with clients hundreds of kilometers distant or on another planet, they appear in front of you in seconds.

It may seem impossible, yet we are already developing virtual constructions and technologies for games and the military.

Traveling to and occupying other planets is an important component of both the series and our current lives. We’re uncovering new planets in other galaxies that show evidence of life and an abundance of new planets simply waiting for us to locate that source to go through space at light speed.

While Elon Musk and the Space X program are already studying locations to develop and inhabit Mars. The first season put the audience in a cyberpunk future evocative of 2049, complete with augmentations, sleeves, and other gadgets.

Every scenario provides the audio-visual stimulation that we’d expect from such body-mind mastery.

Season 2 moved away from the fantasy sci-fi genre and became more of a space opera/drama, which we found to be too self-aware for our tastes.

In the series, humans have developed a way to virtually download consciousness into an (electronic?) implant at the base of the skull.

The only way to truly kill someone is to destroy this device, referred to as a “stack” in the series. The protagonist is an elite soldier who is brought back to life to solve the “murder” of an insanely wealthy man.

The show offers a good amount of character development, showing flashbacks to the protagonist’s previous lives.

It also accomplishes strategic ambiguity very well, similar to an M. Night Shyamalan movie. Within the final couple of episodes, all the pieces of the puzzle come crashing into place in a memorable fashion.

Well, there must be more series which we have probably missed? So, why don’t you list them in the comments section? And also don’t forget to list your thoughts on this series, we have mentioned.

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