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Shooter Officially Cancelled: Was There a Chance for Season 4?

Shooter is an American drama television series based on the same-named 2007 movie. And Stephen Hunter’s 1993 novel Point of Impact. Ryan Phillippe portrays the lead in the series. The pilot was picked up by USA Network in August 2015, and the series was ordered in February 2016. The series presently has three seasons, and viewers have been anticipating for Season 4 to be renewed.

However, the news isn’t good. The show was supposed to premiere on July 19, 2016, however it was pushed back to July 26, 2016 owing to a variety of factors. On October 3, 2016, USA network later announced that the new premiere date for Shooter would be November 15, 2016.

The show contains three seasons and a total of 31 episodes. But now there won’t be any more seasons of the show.

‘Shooter’ Cancelled After 3 Seasons

After three seasons, USA Network Cancelled Shooter on August 15, 2018, with the final episode premiering on September 13, 2018. We know it’s definitely not a great news for the viewers. And yes, we won’t be able to to see more seasons of this series. Critics gave Shooter a mixed response. The series has a 47 percent approval rating on review aggregator Rotten Tomatoes, based on 17 reviews with an average rating of 5.75/10.

“Ryan Phillippe’s efforts aren’t enough to salvage Shooter, a tedious, under-developed drama that lacks an original voice or perspective,” the site’s critical opinion concludes. However, that was not the only explanation for the cancellation. According to a report, Shooter was the network’s lowest-rated show. As a result, that could have been an influence as well.

‘Shooter’ Synopsis

The series stars Ryan Phillippe and portrays Bob Lee Swagger, a decorated ex-Marine sniper who is enticed back into action after discovering of a conspiracy to assassinate the president.

Swagger resurfaces from banishment when his former commanding officer Isaac Johnson, performed by Omar Epps, asks for his assistance in a covert operation. Swagger eventually finds that he is inextricably involved in a disastrous procedure with ties to his past.

‘Shooter’ Shouldn’t Have Ended

Spoiler Alert!

Viewers are disappointed that the show got cancelled. And many of them believe that the finale was frustrating since they wanted to know more about the series’ and they were expecting more season’s. After the third season, enthusiasts anticipated that Netflix might pick up Shooter. However, nothing happened, and the show was officially cancelled. The finale episode of the series aired on September 13, 2018.

Bob Lee tries to finally put an end to Atlas while also saving his marriage and tying off the loose ends from his past; Isaac, Nadine, and Harris find new roles in D.C. When Bob Lee rises, a lovely montage of memories with his wife unfolds.  As he wanders alone on the hillside away from his kill, the series comes to a close. Despite the fact that the series did not earn positive reviews and did not do well, you can still watch it if you so like.

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  1. I just think that it sucks that they canceled shooter at the worst time his wife dies and he kills the man who killed his wife and than just walks off to the sunset and starts a new life or what

  2. Yeah, I’m just NOW finding out whatever HAPPENED—after all this time!! Very busy caregiver but still always wondered what became of one of the BEST SERIES EVER!! I knew of Bob Lee’s broken leg, but much water under bridge by now! My husband & I always looked forward to these episodes w/excitement, & so wished SOME network wud ever bring it BACK!! …tho, it’s true it sucked big, that they killed off Bob Lee’s WIFE—unbelievable!!’

  3. A great show; as was The Unit. Too much “truth” in the episodes as to what really is going on in the government and the world.

  4. The real Atlas pretended to be Q Anon and mixed truth with false information. Maybe the 4th season was going to have Q type internet sensation run by…

  5. This was a great show- my whole family loved it (been watching it again on Netflix). Netflix should have taken on the Show for its next season.

  6. I enjoyed this show, but by season 3 I started to feel similar to how I did about the later seasons of 24.
    I like the concept of a lone wolf who seems un-killable, but there needs to be some reality to it…and by the time we got half-way through season 3, I almost wanted Bob Lee to get a proper whooping! I mean take his fight against one of the smoothest hit men ever… He literally fought him for about 20 seconds; dropped kicked him into a panic room; and blew him up….far too easy for someone who was literally the best hitmen around!
    So for me ending the 3 seasons, made sense…I was sad his wife got killed, because she’d had to put up with a lot. It almost would have been better to be the other way round…Bob Lee gets shot through the neck and then his wife, with the help of Isaac, take out Red with a sniper shot from distance…
    I will say though, the sniper shot in the snowy backdrop is pretty cool…like something out of Call of Duty!

  7. Just found out about the show recently and binged on it which is something I almost never do.

    I absolutely loved the series and how it portrayed the realities of many just like how Bob Lee was so addicted to being a hero that he didn’t see how it was destroying him. I feel that was a proper end to the series even if I’d have loved to keep seeing it. My heart broke when Julie died. She really didn’t deserve that but I guess that made it a little more realistic. The hero was going to have to incur a loss after all those shenanigans.

    • Loved this show. Started watching Thursday and am now watching season 3 episode 5. I cheated and Googled. However, I will watch the rest tonight. McRaney is such a perfect asshole creep g-man. Never would have believed R P as a bad ass until this show. Walberg knew who he was casting. Gotta had it to the Walberg boys. They know how to make some good entertainment and play their roles perfectly. Loved the Simon and Simon reference in episode 3 / 3 😁


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