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Shania Twain Admits That She Came Close To Death During COVID-19 Attack

Having overcome her terrifying battle with COVID-19, Shania Twain takes a moment to reflect on her experience.

It was a very long and arduous battle for the 57-year-old singer with Covid 19 Disease that nearly resulted in her death, as she spoke with Zane Lowe on Apple Music on Wednesday, February 1.

COVID-19 Nearly Killed Shania Twain

There is no hiding what happened to Shania Twain during a horrific instance of COVID-19 that nearly cost her and almost took her life. Zane Lowe interviewed the country-pop superstar on Apple Music 1, where she revealed that she was airlifted to the hospital due to a severe case of Coronavirus that she had contracted.

Mark Twain revealed, “I’m asthmatic anyway, and then I had a really bad bout with COVID, and it was very threatening. I had to be attacked by a special team because nobody else would fly me to the hospital because you can’t just pick up a COVID patient and fly them to a hospital.”

The situation, according to Twain, was terrible as she became infected with COVID pneumonia, a potentially fatal disease. “Every day, my lungs were filling up with inflammation. Every day. Within 12 days, I was pretty much dying. Thankfully, I had plasma therapy, and it worked. On the fourth day, with plasma therapy, I had 0000.1 antibodies. I had no antibodies. I wasn’t fighting it. My antibodies were not building up, and my lungs were getting more and more full of inflammation.”

As he waited for plasma therapy, which isn’t always practical, to cause Twain to feel better, he had to wait for its effects to kick in. In response to this, she said, “That’s the sad thing… I think it was more that the staff around me were really, really good. They didn’t tell me how many more days of plasma therapy that I could not respond to before I was now then on a respirator. On my way out. You know?” In addition, she said that she was halfway through what would have been my maximum treatment at the time. There was no mention of that, which was great to hear.

Throughout His Life, Twain Faced Hardships

In 2004, Twain, the recipient of five Grammy awards, was diagnosed with Lyme disease and has had to face adversity ever since. During her 10-year absence from singing due to the condition, the nerves in her vocal cords were damaged.

In 2018, Twain underwent open-throat surgery to strengthen the weakened nerves in her throat, which helped her regain her ability to sing due to physical therapy. In addition, she appeared in a Netflix documentary last year, “Shania Twain: Not Just A Girl,” where she opened up about her struggles with the disease.

According to her, her symptoms were scary because no one recognized them before she was diagnosed. On stage, she was very dizzy and lost her balance. She revealed, “I was afraid I would fall off the stage, and the stage is quite high. So I was staying far from the edge. I was adjusting what I was doing. I was having these very, very millisecond blackouts, but regularly every minute, or every 30 seconds.”

About Shania Twain

As a Canadian country pop singer, Shania Twain is best known for her album ‘The Woman in Me’. Twain is one of the most successful singers in Canada, outselling only Celine Dion in sales. There is no doubt that her album ‘Come on Over’ is one of the best-selling country albums of all time. In addition, the Grammy-winning singer and songwriter have won multiple ‘BMI Songwriter awards.

Music was introduced to Shania at an early age, earning her the title “The Queen of Country Pop.”. When she was ten, she wrote and performed her songs and appeared on television. Her difficult childhood led her to find solace in music. In addition, her impoverished family benefited from her music as a source of comfort and a means to earn money.

As a result of her musical talent, she was often invited to play at clubs and radio stations in her hometown. Before signing a contract with Mercury, she struggled to establish herself in the industry for years. A year later, she released ‘The Woman in Me,’ the album which went multi-platinum and launched her career.

Many people have terrible memories related to Covid 19, and after reading the revelation of Twain, we will understand just how terrifying this situation was. Let’s hope she has good health and a long life ahead of her. Keep an eye out for more such celebrity gossip in the future, so you don’t miss anything.



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