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Shaman King Prepares for Final Battle with a New Trailer and Poster

A new Shaman King trailer is here and it’s gearing for the final clash between the two strongest shamans in the anime. The journey of Asakura Yoh is finally ending and we have a glimpse of what it’s going to look like in the anime.

Shaman King’s Popularity and Reboot

When the anime adaptation of Shaman King aired back in 2001, it was an instant sensation among fans of all ages and it captured the fantasy of every otaku. Now, in 2022 we have another Shaman King stealing the hearts of the new generation of otaku fans.

Written by Hiroyuki Takei, Shaman King was a manga that sensationalized the otaku fanbase who were obsessed with shonen. In April 2021, it was slated to be rebooted and now is being streamed by Netflix and will have a total of 52 episodes.

Because of the long finish that the manga received, the old series wasn’t able to adapt to the ending but that’s where the newest adaptation comes in the clutch. As the complete edition was published in print volumes by Kodansha in Japan in June 2020, the new adaptation covers all through the 35 volumes of the manga.

The New Trailer

The clock is now ticking down to its final fight, so Shaman King has a lot to live up to these days. And now, we are getting a taste of that battle thanks to a new poster.

The special poster showcases the best and brightest of Shaman King while Yoh Asakura leads the charge with his allies by his side. Of course, the key visual also highlights the big baddies of Shaman King while none in the middle and center than the central antagonist, Hao Asakura, our lead’s estranged twin brother.

Clash of Titans

The two boys have very different ideas of shamanism, and Hao would be all too happy to rid the world of anyone who cannot tap into that power. But as we all know, Yoh and his friends aren’t going to let that happen without a fight.

The main course of action is between the forces of Hao and Yoh, the tension is the final clash in the Shaman King universe.

How to Watch Shaman King

But beware before watching the final battle, you might want to catch up on everything related to Shaman King. Now, if you are wondering how to catch up with Shaman King‘s reboot, you can find it streaming over on Netflix stateside.

There is a delay between episode premieres in Japan versus the United States, but a good few episodes of this new series are available right now. So if you need more details on Shaman King, its synopsis can be found below:

“Shamans possess mysterious powers that allow them to commune with gods, spirits, and even the dead…and Manta Oyamada’s about to learn all about them, because his class just welcomed a new transfer student: Yoh Asakura, a boy from way off in Izumo…and a shaman in training!”

The new Shaman King trailer shows a lot of promise and we can all expect a hell of a time with the two strongest shamans in the Shaman King universe.

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