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Severance Creators Tease Something About Season 2

The thriller psychological series ended, but the story must continue, right? At the very least, that is what the series’ audience expects and hopes for. Some light has been shed on Severance’s future possibilities and it’s actually amazing to know.

In the series, Mark leads a group of office employees whose remembrances have been surgically separated among their personal and work lives; when an enigmatic coworker shows up outside of work, a voyage to find out the truth about their jobs starts.

Overall, viewers enjoy the series because of its gripping storyline and characters, magnificent directing, production and ambient soundscapes, and cinematography that is chef’s peck on the cheek. A lot of mysteries are waiting ahead for the spectators.

Everything We Know About Severance Season 2

Severance renewed for a second season in April 2022. Spectators must rest assured because there will be a lot of engaging content coming up. Severance creator Dan Erickson shed some light during the show’s Comic-Con panel on Thursday.

“I was warned not to go on Reddit, on the subreddit for this show, at all. And I held off for about six minutes and then I went on and I was just on it every day. It’s kind of addicting. Sometimes they have ideas that are better than what I thought of.”

And then added about the writing process of the second season. “But eventually I had to pull back from that because as we’ve gotten more into writing Season 2 in recent weeks, it’s that thing of infinite options.”

What To Expect From Severance Season 2?

Erickson actually teased spectators about what they can foresee from the series’ second season.

“It has characters and events that take place. We’re going to film it so you’ll be able to watch it. There are these very obvious questions that were posed at the end of season 1 that we understand people are wondering about and feel a responsibility in some way to make season 2 a satisfying experience for them in regards to that and in the world of the show.”

Stiller also mentioned that it’s surprising after reading the response of spectators regarding the theories of the ending of the show.

“I’ve been amazed by how invested people have become in the world and filled it with their own ideas and questions of what the numbers mean, and even paintings in the show. They look at everything and find meaning in it.

And sometimes there is but sometimes people are just reading into it. That’s been cool to see, how invested fans are in the reality of the show.”

Erickson stated, “I’m excited, going into Season 2, building out the world a little bit more and being able to see, with this one slight tweak to reality, what the different ramifications would be. We didn’t want it to feel sci-fi in the classical sense. We wanted it to be much more grounded.”

What are your thoughts on the series’ upcoming season updates? You are welcome to leave your opinions in the comments section below.

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