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Selena Gomez And Nicola Peltz Flaunt Matching Tattoos On New Year’s Eve

Selena Gomez had a memorable New Year’s Eve weekend in Los Cabos, Mexico, where she spent time with her friends Nicola Peltz and Brooklyn Beckham, who shared the holiday weekend with her.

At times, Gomez even jokes that the group is a “throuple,” They’re very close and spend many holidays together.

Peltz And Gomez Bonded Over Matching Angel Tattoos

Despite being one of the best pop singers in the music industry at the moment, Selena Gomez continues to maintain her stock as one of the best even today. It is not hard to see why many people consider her to be one of the most attractive singers/actresses of today, and there are many reasons for that.

It is always a topic of discussion among Gomez fans regarding her personal life. However, it has now been revealed that Gomez and her excellent friend Nicola Peltz recently showed off their matching tattoos via social media.

Selena Gomez’s friendship with her friends is something she truly values, especially at this stage of her life. So as she spent New Year’s Eve with her friend Nicola Peltz, she found that this sentiment was particularly true for their friendship. So naturally, Peltz was accompanied at the event by Brooklyn Beckham, Peltz’s husband.

She took to Instagram and uploaded photos showing her and Peltz partying it up in Los Cabos, Mexico, and getting matching tattoos to mark their friendship and their friendship between the two of them. In an elegant cursive font, they got the word “angel” tattooed on the forearms of both women. Their matching dresses even drove home the point they were trying to make.

There Was A Slight Similarity In Their Outfits

The newlywed couple can be seen only having eyes for each other in a video shared by Nicola on Instagram, but people can be heard cheering as they look up at the sky and celebrate the New Year with their families. Valentino designed the silver mini dress that Nicola chose. Valentino was also the designer of Nicola’s wedding gown, which had a backless design.

By wearing chunky silver heels, she added height to her frame while pulling back her hair into a high ponytail to add even more height to her frame. Despite wearing an identical outfit, Selena, 30, wore barefoot on the beach and ditched her shoes to walk along the shore.

Taking to Instagram to share photos of her matching outfits with her angels, Selena wrote: “Thank @maisonvalentino for me and my angels’ dresses! Felt like a fairy! Oh, and @isabelalysa, for making us look good!” As Brooklyn, Selena and Nicola enjoyed a getaway on a yacht, they cozied up to one another and shared a lot of laughter.

Nicola, Brooklyn, And Selena Enjoyed A Getaway On A Yacht Together

Nicola, Brooklyn, and Selena had a wonderful time on a yacht vacation together, and they also snuggled up together as they relaxed and shared a relaxing time. In other pictures, you could see them having a great time on the beach and a beautiful boat on a sunny day.

The threesome in one photo was lying in a large pile on the house’s deck in a hammock. Another picture shows them arranging their beach chairs to soak up more sun as they watch the waves.

She also took to her Instagram page to share a few snaps from her time in Cabo with Gomez and some of her friends and photos of her time in Cabo with Gomez and her other pals.

Selena and Nicole have given us some of the best BFF goals with their excellent relationship. In your opinion, what do you think of the fact that they match their tattoos and dresses? We would love to hear what you have to say.

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