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Riverdale: Who Was the Better Couple Jughead and Betty or Veronica and Archie?

The popular television show ‘Riverdale’ has a large fan base. Because of its forward-thinking plot and diverse cast. But, in your opinion, what is the best element of the series? Yes, you are correct. It’s the cast. The acting of the characters entices us to watch more.

Obviously, there are a few main characters who are all of our favourites. Jughead, Betty, Archie, Veronica, Cheryl Blossom, Kevin Keller and others.

But what about the relationship between Betty & Jughead and Archie & Veronica? Which one of them is the best pair? You all must already know about the shipname, Bughead & Varchie! To learn more about them, read the entire article.

First, let me give you a little rundown of what the show is about. Archie Andrews meets his professor and discovers his passion for music.

Following the murder of a youngster in Riverdale, a group of teens, including athlete Archie, girl next door Betty, new girl Veronica, and misfit Jughead, attempt to uncover the evils that lay within this seemingly harmless town. The show is full of amazing plot & twists that these group solves and go through.


Let’s go through the ideal couple of the show, Jughead & Betty! They are better in every way, and viewers literally love them!

1. They are a Like-Minded Couple

Bughead is sure to be depicted with the same interest that we’ve seen in the show, right? They enjoy solving murder mysteries together, they are more wiser than their age, and they have known one other for years.

2. Long-standing Crush

The most romantic aspect of the couple is that Jughead has had a long-standing crush on Betty. Jughead had a crush on Betty since the beginning, but as we all know Betty had feelings for Archie. Later things turned into Jughead’s favour.

3. They Stick Together

Breaking up and getting back together is a never-ending cycle for them. However, their special secret power is their ability to stick together. Since the beginning, there has been a spark between the two, and the fans can’t wait to see it grow later in the show.

In Season 1 and Episode 13, Jughead confesses his love for Betty by saying: “Betty Cooper, I love you”. After that, Betty replied: “I love you, Jughead Jones”. That was the cutest thing of them without any doubt! Of course, they’re literally so cute!


Well, Archie & Veronica are no less. And half of the viewers of the show likes them as well. They’ve great chemistry between them, along with the ability to be there for each other! Let’s go through the best things about their bond.

1. Definition Of Honesty

You may recall that when Archie and Betty kissed, Archie didn’t hide it from Veronica. Even though he knew Veronica would be upset to learn that archie kissed her bestie. After Archie confessed about the kiss, Veronica did get upset but she forgived Archie! They are open and honest with each other and do not hold secret.

2. They Always Stay Together

The couple remained together after the confrontation of the kiss between Archie & Betty. Because there is a great understanding between them.

3. Can Go To Any Lengths For Each Other

So, this pair went to incredible lengths for each other and to be together. It truly demonstrates that their love for each other outweighs any obstacles in their path.

They always look out for each other, as you may recall when Archie was in juvie, Veronica went to great lengths to save him. She also aided Archie with his financial problems.

And also their Love was at first sight. Yes, they do become passionate sometimes (I mean everytime oops!) But it’s just their way of showing love to each other.

We believe that these incredible couples are the best in their own way. Of course, we’re confused regarding who is the best! Well, many viewers also ship Betty & Archie (Barchie) as well. So, guys, we leave it in your hands to decide which couple is the best and which has the most outstanding love. Let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Cheryl and Tonny are too good as well. they make a great pair also they are always there for each other. we need more seasons of riverdale plsss


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