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Red Notice Surpasses Bird Box as the “Most Watched Movie”

Red Notice makes an unbreakable record!

With three of the most supreme actors, Dwayne Johnson, Ryan Reynolds, and Gal Gadot, the movie are winning heart every day!

Netflix’s most-watched movie, Red Notice, is the biggest action movie of the year. With a total of 328 Million hours of viewing. All of this regardless of terrible reviews. The Netflix blockbuster movie stands on Number one in more than 93 countries ranging from Bahrain, Israel, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.

Red Notice

Netflix has shed the reports which highlight the mega numbers that the movie has surpassed. Red Notice was also released in theatres after its run on Netflix.

Red Notice – Breaks Records on Netflix

The Netflix action-comedy has been on the top-spot ever since its release. The movie has maintained its position on Netflix’s Top 10 for quite some time. Despite poor reviews, the movie gathered millions of viewing hours.

On Tuesday, Netflix went on to the speakers to announce how big a success Red Notice was. They also confirmed that 214 million subscribers all over the world have already watched the movie.

Coming to the star-studded cast of the movie including The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson, The Free Guy star aka Ryan Reynolds, and Wonder Woman aka Gal Gadot.

Red Notice

The movie premiered on Netflix on November 5th, 2021.

Also, to add more to the delightful experience of the audience, the movie was led out to the theatres. Sadly, it could only collect $2 Million which is so less compared to the production cost of $200 Million.

Honestly, it is not a big deal for Netflix though. The movie has done all that it was intended to do. Netflix’s long-term finances are now guaranteed.

Earlier, such as huge record was set by Sandra Bullock starter, Bird Box released back in 2018. The film has already has broken the records of Bird Box sending it directly on Spot 2.

Ratings Don’t Agree!

Despite Red Notice’s massive success, their ratings and reviews are extremely poor.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the film has seen 35% which contains 155 reviews from critics. In addition to that, there is also a two-star write-up doing rounds on The Guardian. The review hit Red Notice below the belt stating that it was a failed attempt to recreate ‘Indiana Jones’.

Red Notice

On the other hand, 92% of the audience gave a fresh rating on the website.

After the grand success of the movie, Johnson also shared the good news on his IG account.

The team must be excited. Red Notice is currently streaming on Netflix.

Have you watched Red Notice yet?

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