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Record of Ragnarok Season 2: Will the Battle Between Gods and Humans Continue?

Last year Netflix dropped the anime Record of Ragnarok, based on the manga series by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui. The show, which revolves around the battle between gods and humans that ultimately determines the fate of humanity, was received well by the audience.

Ever since the first season of the anime premiered in June 2021, fans have been waiting for the continuation of the series with bated breath. But has the show been renewed for another season? Read on to find out.

Is Record of Ragnarok Returning with Season 2?

The anime’s fans can surely rejoice as season 2 of Record of Ragnarok is very much in the works. Netflix Japan announced the show’s renewal way back in August 2021, shortly after getting the amazing response to the debut season.

The renewal was also confirmed on the show’s official website. The first season was announced in December 2020, with production by Warner Bros. Japan and animation by Graphinica. The anime is directed by Masao Ōkubo, with composition by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu and characters designed by Masaki Saito.

The music for the show is composed by Yasuharu Takanashi, with the opening theme being performed by Maximum the Hormone and the ending theme by SymaG. The same team is returning for the second season, with Yumeta Company serving as producer along with Graphinica.

What to Expect in Record of Ragnarok Season 2?

The first season featured three fights between the humans and the gods, out of the planned 13 battles. The season, however, ended on a cliffhanger. The next instalment will pick up from where the show left.

The new season might also showcase a total of three fights. Humans have to win atleast seven battles to save humanity from destruction, and going at the same pace, the should could last for a total of three or four seasons.

The fourth fight will be between god Hercules and serial killer Jack the Ripper. The fifth battle will be between Shiva, the Hindu god of desturction, and Japanese sumo wrestler Raiden Tameemon.

The sixth deadly fight will feature Budha and God of Misfortune Zerofuku facing off each other. In an interview, director Masao Ōkubo revealed that the show will closely follow the manga series, stating, “I always had those who never read the manga in my mind when I composed the anime.”

“I made sure anime didn’t go off track from the original manga. As I mentioned before, I tried to include things that I was most excited about when reading the manga and leave them untouched. I was always conscious of making the anime as close to the manga as possible,” he added.

Is There a Trailer for Record of Ragnarok Season 2?

The first look at the anime has already been released. In July this year, Netflix unveiled an official teaser for the second season of the show. Watch the teaser below.

The streaming platform also announced that the new season will premiere in 2023, although the exact date has not been confirmed yet.

Are you also waiting to witness more battles between gods and humans in Record of Ragnarok Season 2? Tell us in the comments section.

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