British actor and singer Raza Jaffrey has been cast for the lead role in NBC’s latest show, “The Enemy Within.” The show comes from Ken Woodruff, the executive producer of the show “Gotham,” Vernan Sanders, an executive turned producer, and Universal TV. “The Enemy Within” is also written by Woodruff and is an investigative thriller based in the world of government intelligence agencies.

The storyline follows former CIA agent Erica Wolfe who has been labeled a traitor but is brought out of federal prison to help stop an act espionage threatening the nation. It’s his job to get Erica Wolfe to help before an attack happens. The show sounds like an action-packed series, let’s hope this pilot takes off!

This show is another notch on Jaffrey’s belt, the actor has established himself as versatile talent in not only the UK but America as well. He has been a part of popular British shows such as “EastEnders,” and “Spooks” as well as American hits like “Homeland,” “Elementary,” and “Code Black.”