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Rapper Fabolous ‘Not Fab’ For Step-Daughter Taina Williams, Calls Him ‘Bitter’ and ‘Manipulative’

Rapper Fabolous was slammed by his step-daughter Taina Williams in a recent Instagram post. The 44-year-old rapper shared a birthday post for his daughter, Journey Isabella with ex Emily B, who turned 2 on Monday (Oct. 10). However, his step-daughter Taina stepped forward, and slammed him for being “bitter” and “manipulative”, accusing him of not taking care of his 2-year-old daughter.

Fab, Stop The Charades…

Brooklyn-based rapper Fabolous took to Instagram yesterday (Oct 10) and posted a heartfelt birthday wish for his youngest daughter, Journey Isabella, who turned 2-year-old. The post featured an adorable picture of Fabolous holding his daughter. He captioned his post:

“I named you Journey because that’s really what it’s been. Might not know when you going thru it, but you’ll get it in the end I don’t believe you can have faith unless you trust the JOURNEY. You have taught me that so I look at you with understanding & love. Your life assures it will all add up… 10 • 10 • 2020. Happy Bday Journey Jackson 🎈”

While fans took to his comment section to congratulate him, his step-daughter Taina Williams, daughter of stylist, Emily B (Fab’s ex-girlfriend and mother to Journey), was in full disapproval of the rapper’s charades. Taina took to his comment section and accused the “Can’t Deny It” star of only being a father to his sons and manipulating them.

She continued by calling the post “hilarious” and translated his expression “Might not know when you going thru it, but you’ll get it at the end”, by stating that Fab means he hasn’t taken care of his daughter in almost a year and “don’t even ask about her well-being because IDC & I’m bitter & I’m only a father to my two beautiful sons who I can manipulate. In the end, Taina asked him to stop playing with the internet in her since-deleted comment.

Some fans also sided with Taina. One fan wrote, “He sure as hell can force her to do what he wants or he’ll beat the shit out of her. That’s who you’re defending. He better pray his daughter doesn’t end up with scum like him. Others, however, asked the critics to let him have his daughter’s “birthday-post moment”.

From Cheating To Domestic Violence…

The relationship between rapper Fabolous and his ex-girlfriend, stylist Emily B has always been tense. Throughout his career, Fab has faced many allegations by Emily. During the first season of Love & Hip Hop New York, Emily B openly spoke about their relationship issues, also alleging him of cheating on her.

In 2018, the Brooklyn-based rapper was arrested for assaulting Emily B. Five months later, he was indicted by a grand jury in New Jersey on four felony charges of domestic assault. However, the rapper accepted a plea deal in March 2019. Despite all this, the exes managed to stay together and welcomed their third child, Journey in 2020. Apart from this, Fabolous and Emily B share two sons.

As for Taina Williams, the social-media personality is Emily’s daughter from her previous relationship. She previously came into light for dating rapper Herbo in 2019. In fact, Herbo’s ex Ari Fletcher claimed that the rapper left her for Taina. Well, Fab hasn’t commented yet on Taina’s latest stunt.

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