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Rachel Bilson Is Not Single Anymore; Confirms She Has A New Boyfriend

There is a lot of talk about Rachel Bilson’s love life these days. Rachel Bilson is opening up about her love life in a new interview.

As revealed during an interview on Wednesday, August 31, as part of the Call Her Daddy podcast, the 41-year-old alum of The O.C. said she is in a relationship.

Rachel did not reveal the Identity Of The Person

On the August 31 episode of the Call Her Daddy podcast, the Take Two actress revealed that she had taken herself off the market for a while. Rachel Cooper gave a firm answer to Alex Cooper when he asked if she was single at the moment, and Rachel answered that she was not.

Rachel didn’t reveal who her romantic partner was or too much information about her personality, but we could gain some insight into the couple’s relationship that we didn’t know before. “Does he bring you coffee in the morning?” Alex asked jokingly. In response to this question, Rachel replied, “F–k yeah, he’s bringing you a missionary.”.

Almost two years have passed since Rachel began dating Bill Hader after they ended their relationship after a short period of being together. There was a report that Rachel was “absolutely devastated” at the time of their split.

In a rare statement a few months ago, Rachel Bilson disclosed that she and Bill Hader had split up earlier in July 2020. As Rachel explained, the period after a breakup was more complicated than childbirth for her, and she explained what she meant by that.

Less Than A Year After Dating, Rachel Bilson And Bill Hader Split

In July 2020, Rachel Bilson and Bill Hader decided to call it quits. It has been confirmed that Rachel Bilson has been “devastated” upon finding out that Bill Hader and her are splitting up. The actress Rachel Bilson recently admitted that the breakup she experienced during the pandemic took up most of her time and was one of the most challenging moments in her life.

Recently, during a few podcast appearances, she appeared on a few podcasts and had the opportunity to share a few words regarding her past relationship with Bill Hader. During Bilson’s interview with Aubrey Plaza, she mentioned in the middle of the discussion that her relationship with Hader was formal two years ago.

The couple confirmed their relationship by walking the red carpet at the Golden Globes in January 2020; they later broke up in July of the same year after they announced they were dating. Her previous relationship, which spanned eight years, began in 2008 when she dated Hayden Christensen, who she dated from 2008 to 2017. In addition, the couple shares a daughter who is seven years old, Briar Rose.

Getting To Know Rachel Bilson

As an actress, Rachel Bilson belongs to the American film industry. The actress has had a few guest appearances on T.V. shows such as Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 8 Simple Rules, but she is best known for her roles as Summer Roberts on The O.C. (2003-2007) and Zoe Hart on Hart of Dixie (2011-2015).


There have also been several movies in which she has starred, including The Last Kiss (2006) and Jumper (2008). She met Hayden Christensen while working on the last project, and they share a child, Briar Rose Christensen, whom she has raised with a devoted father. As well as co-hosting a podcast based on the O.C., she is also a regular contributor on another one focusing on the show.

It would be pretty interesting to know whom Rachel Bilson is dating. However, there does not seem to be any current information regarding her new relationship. Stay tuned with us if you want to get more news from the showbiz world.

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