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Queens: The Musical Drama Series is Canceled for Season 2 as ABC Confirms

There are a few of us in the world who really dig some good musical dramas that do justice to the narrative of the show along with keeping us fed with enough music.

The production network ABC heard our crying tunes and blessed us with Queens the musical drama series in October 2021.

The series became one of the prominent musical dramas of the year due to its extraordinary cast and fantastic narrative. 

But as we know and remind ourselves of “Nothing lasts forever” at least once in a blue moon, it breaks my heart to inform all the musical heads out there that after a kickass season of Queens ruling the hearts with their heartfelt beats.

The show is sadly drawing its curtains as confirmed by ABC. here’s everything you should know.

Network ABC Canceled “Queens” after 1 Season

19th October 2021 was certainly one of the best days for cinephiles who were raving for good musical drama.

Queens created by Zahir McGhee for the ABC aired on the TV and started a musical riot featuring Eve, Naturi Naughton, Nadine Velazquez and Brandy. 

The show featuring 4 hip hop stars who once appeared in a popular show from the 90s reunites to try their musical luck again is the most anticipated of this season. It was only one of the hottest pilots last year and was a most likely success. 

At the dawn of this musical series, the estranged band members reunited after catching wind of a sample from one of their hits reigniting interest in them.

Over time they became united and open up their own recording studio together. Although, it is a shame that Brianna’s return to the show was so short-lived.

The attack left her off-screen for some time, which unfortunately coincided with Eve’s real-life pregnancy.

The show premiered its season finale on 15th February 2022. Looks like the Queens have decided to stay away from the throne as the network has pulled them back from coming back on our screens again.

Why did ABC Cancel “Queens” after Season 1?

For those who are still not convinced by the fact that the 4 rocking rappers are not going to return to our TV screens, it is sad but it’s 100% true as the network ABC has officially announced the cancellation of Queens.

The cancellation announcement comes nearly after 3 months after premiering the season finale. Despite the show being spectacular in its own way, it didn’t really do good math on the viewing charts.

The show was only able to reach a total of 1.9 million viewers with 0.5 demo ratings. 

Considering the ABC’s reputation of airing solid shows with viewership reaching the sky, Queens did not really fit in their prospect.

As much as it was loved by the loyal musical audience, the show did not really spread its voice to all. 

Here you go! This is all we have to update you on the Queens musical drama series that has ended after one season.

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