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Queen Sugar Season 5 Trailer Is Here With Bordelon Family’s Final Goodbye

When people think of shows that have great family dynamics, they often think of sitcoms. The Cosby Show and Roseanne are two examples that come to mind when people are asked this question.

But it’s not just sitcoms that have a good family dynamic; the same can be said for dramas. Shows like The West Wing, Grey’s Anatomy and Parenthood have all been praised for their ability to weave together characters from different backgrounds into a cohesive family unit. One show that does this very well is “Queen Sugar”.

Not only is the show well-written and entertaining, but it also offers audiences a glimpse into Black culture through family dynamics that are relatable to many viewers.

It also tackles at times controversial issues in a way that doesn’t alienate viewers. The show touches on many different issues affecting black families today: divorce, single motherhood, single parenting and blended families.

It also uses humour as a way to address those issues without being preachy or judgmental about them. The series is here with a final season 7 trailer giving us a glimpse of the final Queen Sugar days. 

Queen Sugar Ending Its Sweet Journey With Final Season 7

Well, it’s been hard to come across the news of our beloved Queen Sugar ending with its final season. The show that made us fall in love with the Bordelon family and the solid representation the show holds.

One thing I really like about this show is that it shows us how black culture has been marginalized by the mainstream and yet still manages to survive and thrive even if the mainstream doesn’t understand why.

The show shows us how black people are constantly fighting for their rights when others don’t even want them as a whole group. The creator of Queen Sugar Ava DuVernay released a statement sharing her thoughts on ending a seven year long journey.

Reflecting on the past seven shows she expressed that creating a modern drama on the Black family has exceeded her hope with each season. She added that the show which started out as a suggestion from Oprah is finally having the closure that it deserves. 

Queen Sugar Season 5 Trailer Is Here With Bordelon Family’s Goodbye

The OWN Network has released the official trailer for season seven of its acclaimed drama created by Ava DuVernay and executive-produced by Oprah Winfrey.

The trailer starts with Rutina, the eldest Bordelon sibling in the house reflecting on the importance of honouring one’s past. The trailer also gives us the first look at Ralph and Darla as they welcome their second child.

But they’re still stuck in their usual fights over family issues including the deal with Bordelon’s sugarcane farms, the recovery of addiction and coming to terms with the history of assaults. 

The biggest hot news is that Queen Sugar is arriving very soon. The upcoming season has slated for a release on September 6th.

The final season is also marking the return of last season’s directors including Kat Candler, Stacey Muhammad, showrunner Shaz Bennett, Patricia Cardoso, Aurora Guerrero, DeMane Davis and DuVernay. 

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