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Quantum Leap Reboot Release Date, Cast, Synopsis and First Look

With the announcement of the Quantum Leap Reboot, we have been hearing more and more good news from the new series since it was announced. As soon as NBC announced that it would be bringing back this science-fiction drama, the network signed on almost immediately.

Fans are excited about this new proposed sequel reboot because many original cast members have agreed to renew their roles. The release date has finally been announced. NBC will premiere the show in September.

How Soon Will The Quantum Leap Reboot Be Released?

“Quantum Leap” fans will not have to wait too long to find out how the storyline will be updated for the modern age. September 19, 2022; 10 PM EST is the time slot reserved for the show on NBC. From then on, each episode will be aired on NBC on Monday nights.

NBC likely believes the show can succeed because it will air after its mainstay music competition, “The Voice”, throughout the season.

An Update On The Cast Of Quantum Leap

The mystery of where Sam went after the series finale is solved because Bakula has not been confirmed to return as Sam. Despite this, the cast that has been approved is stacked. Raymond Lee will portray a new quantum leaper Dr Ben and will travel across time and space.

The cast members are Caitlin Bassett, who will portray Addison, and Ernie Hudson, who will play Herbert. Among the cast, Ian will be played by Mason Alexander Park and Jenn by Nanrisa Lee. There will undoubtedly be several guest stars and recurring roles announced in the coming weeks, given the show’s concept.

Taking Up The Story, The Official Synopsis

The story tells of a mysterious disappearance that happened almost 30 years ago. Dr Sam Beckett had trodden into a quantum leap accelerator and missing without a trace. In order to delve deeper into the origins of the machine and the man who created it, a new squad of physicists, led by Ben Song (Raymond Lee), have been accumulated to start the project again in the expectation of discovering the anonymities with the machine and the creator.

Ben, however, changes everything when he jumps into the past without authorization, leaving the team to figure out why he did it, parting it up to them to figure out why Ben did it. Ben (Caitlin Bassett) is constantly accompanied by Addison (Caitlin Bassett), who looks as if a hologram that can only be seen and heard by him as he leaps forward. It is no secret that she is a decorated veteran of the Army who brings precision and level-headedness to her work.

There is no denying that Herbert “Magic” Williams (Ernie Hudson) is at the centre of an operation that is extremely confidential. As a practical soldier, he has to keep his bosses in the loop once the news of breaking the protocol is revealed to them. In addition to Ian Wright (Mason Alexander Park), who is running the Artificial Intelligence program Ziggy at the centre, Jenn Chou (Nanrisa Lee) is in charge of the project’s digital security and Jenn Chou (Nanrisa Lee) is in charge of the technology unit.

There is no doubt that Ben and his crew are on the road to a thrilling journey as they dive into the past from life to life to understand what went wrong in the past. As a matter of fact, Addison, Magic, Ian and Jenn are aware that if they want to find out the truth about Ben’s leap and even more important to take him back home, then they will need to take fast steps otherwise they may face the risk of losing him forever.

Taking A First Look At The Show, Here Are Some Pictures

A new episode of Quantum Leap will air on NBC at 10 PM EST on September 19th. There will likely be a weekly release at that time on Mondays. It should also find its way to a streaming platform for fans without cable if it is successful on NBC.

Here’s to you, Peacock. We’re looking forward to this reboot. We’re excited to hear what you have to say, folks.



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