Bollywood Hollywood Productions
Shah Rukh Khan and Prashant Shah

Los Angeles-based film producer Prashant Shah has launched Bollywood Hollywood Productions, a production house to create film and television content in Hindi and English.

The fully financed media company will focus on the acquisition, development and production of feature films aimed for a worldwide audience, according to a Deadline report. Shah was previously an executive at Benaroya Pictures, which made films like “Lawless” starring Jessica Chastain and “Queen of the Desert” starring Nicole Kidman.

“I have worked on every genre of movie, romantic comedies, futuristic, large action adventures and thrillers for several production houses in India and Hollywood,” Shah said in a statement. “When the time came for me to launch my own content company, producing movies on my own, that connect to my company name — Bollywood and Hollywood — I always wanted to make that debut an inspiring story for the whole family.”

With his new production house, Shah aims to create films and TV in both the languages that can be shot across the world. They already have over half a dozen films in the pipeline, including “Jungle Cry.” It’s an inspirational film based on the life of social worker and educationalist Achutya Samanta.

Shah’s credits include being the executive producer of Bollywood films like Shah Rukh Khan-starrer “Ra One” and Arjun Kapoor’s “Half Girlfriend.” He’s also been a line producer, who manages the budget, in the US for Bollywood films shot in American cities like “My Name is Khan,” “Dostana,” and “Kurbaan.”

Here’s hoping we see even more representation of India in global cinema through Bollywood Hollywood Productions.


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