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Priscilla Presley And Riley Keogh Settle Lisa Marie’s Trust After A Fierce Legal Battle

Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of the legendary “King Of Rock And Roll” Elvis Presley, passed away at the age of 54 on January 12, 2023. Since her death, Lisa’s daughter and grandmother have been involved in a fierce legal battle regarding Lisa’s trust, but the same has now been settled as late Elvis Presley’s family settled.

Priscilla Presley And Riley Keogh Finally Have A Happy Ending

Elvis Presley’s former wife, Priscilla Presley, and her granddaughter, Riley Keogh have finally settled the matter related to Lisa Marie Presley’s trust. The two were engaged in an ongoing trust battle after Priscilla’s lawyers filed a petition questioning the “authenticity and validity” of an amendment that was made to Lisa Marie’s living trust in 2016.

Per the amendment, Priscilla and Lisa’s former business manager, Barry Sieger were removed as co-trustees as the move gave control of her trust to Keogh and her late brother, Benjamin. Priscilla, however, argued that she was unaware of the change, and therefore, the amendment was required to be voided.

The trust includes the Graceland mansion and a 15% stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises (Priscilla being the co-founder), which was purchased at $110 million in 2022. Legal counsel for Priscilla and Riley settled the matter at a Los Angeles courthouse Tuesday (May 16), with Riley’s side set to submit a settlement request.

“They have reached a settlement. Families are happy,” Ronson Shamoun, Priscilla’s lawyer, stated after the settlement. “Everyone is happy. Unified and together and excited for the future.” Keogh’s attorney, Justin Gold revealed that Riley is satisfied with the amicable step. The next hearing and motion for approval of this settlement is set for August 4, 2023.

Lisa Marie Presley Died From Cardiac Arrest

Lisa Marie Presley was rushed to the hospital in January after a possible cardiac arrest. A spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department revealed in a statement that the paramedics responded to the 5900 block of Normandy Drive in Calabasas to treat a woman in her 50s who was not breathing. Her identity wasn’t revealed then.

As they arrived, they began CPR, noting that the patient had “signs of life” and transferred the woman to a local hospital for “immediate medical care.” However, she couldn’t make it further. The news of her death was confirmed by her mother. The representative for Priscilla released a statement:

“Priscilla Presley and the Presley family are shocked and devastated by the tragic death of their beloved Lisa Marie. They are profoundly grateful for the support, love, and prayers of everyone, and ask for privacy during this very difficult time.”

In her personal life, Lisa had a fair share of unhappy marriages. In 1988, Lisa married Danny Keough, a Chicago-based musician, and gave birth to two children: Riley and Benjamin. However, the couple divorced in 1994. Shockingly, Benjamin committed suicide in 2020 before he was going to turn 28.

The trust battle, which has now been settled, started four days after Lisa Marie’s memorial, after Priscilla’s lawyers, filed a petition in LA questioning the “authenticity and validity” of the 2016 amendment to her living trust.

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