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Prey 2022: Release Date, Trailer and Expected Plot

Predator has been a popular movie since 2018 so it’s no surprise that it is one of the most loved movies of all time.

The franchise that introduced a new concept of aliens into films introduced the fans to a fresh and thrilling journey through AVP (alien vs predator) films.

The makers released two films – one of which is better than the other. Predator 2 and Predators were actually quite entertaining, but Alien vs. Predators took a bad turn displaying aliens and losing focus from actual filmmaking.

In fact, Critics and fans were disappointed with 2018’s The Predator. It had a messy plot that makes it more difficult to realize what kind of film this is meant to be.

You’d wonder what’s in their store that could still entice a whole new generation with their AVP charm? Well, here’s a fresh take from Predators world arriving in 2022 with a new set of goals and a new prey to satisfy their hunger. 

Dan Trachtenberg, the creator of the popular horror thriller from 2016’s 10 Cloverfield Lane is going to head the fifth installment of Predator, “Prey”.

The American sci-fi action film is going to serve as a prequel to the Predator franchise. You might get a chance to see the evolution that builds up to the giant world of AVP. Here’s everything you need to know about Prey. 

Prey 2022: Predator’s Prequel Film By Hulu

The streaming platform Hulu is getting ahead with its content game serving fresh and unique films and series lined up for fans.

The streaming service has recently announced the arrival of the much anticipated fifth part of “The Predators’ featuring Amber Midthunter.

The film is said to take place years before the first film. The film will unfold the events of the first Predator species that ever walked on the surface of the earth. 

Despite the filmmakers’ wishes to stay secretive, spoilers and speculation about the new film have been trickling in. It has been confirmed that it’s going to explain each alien occurrence in the film in this installment.

The streaming service is gearing up for the big premiere of the film and has been receiving a commendable response to the news.

Prey 2022: Do We Have A Trailer?

It is not possible to talk about a film with so much enthusiasm and not have a visual ready in front of our eyes to justify it.

The streaming service has graced fans with a short glimpse of the upcoming prequel teasing fans along with a full-length trailer released on June 10th. 

The teaser that premiered on May 16th gave away a big hint about the plot of the film. It featured a woman running from the forest to find someone else running away from the same dark forest.

The two individuals happen to share the same journey without saying a word. The teaser also showed the other character being invisible and plays with the mind of Naru (Amber). 

The trailer launched on June 7th starring Amber Midthunter explores the life of Naru, a young woman who has an interest in becoming a Comanche warrior, but her tribe doesn’t believe she is skilled enough to hunt for them.

The trailer reveals that Naru has been on the search for a bear and she may have found one but the bear decides to chase her instead of making itself her meal.

As the trailer reveals, she encounters a supernatural activity that turns out to be a Predator chasing her to make her its “Prey”. 

After seeing the trailer, it’s pretty clear that Prey is a departure from more traditional Predator installments. It seems like it’ll focus more on Narus’ experience and her strong sense of duty to save her people from this alien threat.

Prey 2022 Release Date

The sci-fi supernatural action film is going to hit the streaming platform Hulu on August 5th. The fifth installment from the house of Predators is going to be the first feature film to be premiered on a digital platform. 

Some fans have been speculating about Predator’s new producers including Disney+.

The streaming service has a reputation for producing family and age-friendly content and a film full of mass skull hunting does not sound a good recommendation for Disney+. 

Prey 2022: Expected Cast 

As we all saw “The Ice Road” fame Amber Mindthunter in the trailer playing “Naru”, the central character in the film. She will be joined by Michelle Thrush, Julian Black Antelope, Stormee Kipp, and Stefany Mathias.

The film is also going to feature debut roles from newcomer Dane DiLiegro and Dakota Beavers. Fans might catch this detail of casting all Native Americans in the film as the sci-fi action movie is based in the pre-colonial American period. 

The film is directed by Dan Trachtenberg who recently delivered Amazon’s anticipated series, “The Boys”.

The upcoming sci-fi skull bending film is being penned down by Patrick Aison and produced by John Davis, Marty P. Ewing, and John Fox. 

Prey 2022: Expected Plot

The movie Prey takes place three hundred years before the events of the original film. It focuses on a young Comanche hunter from then named Naru who is chasing after an unrecognisable threat in pre-colonial America.

Naru meets a mysterious woman who might not be what she seems. She later gets to know about the trap set by the mysterious predator.

The Predator that is being introduced in the film is a special species that is technologically advanced and tremendously mindful of its surroundings. 

Prey 2022: The First Film To Launch In Comanche Language

As the film features commandos from Comanche hunters and involves a certain use of Comanche language in the film, the makers have decided to give a chance to the viewers to watch the film in the Comanche language.

Producer Jhane Myers has appreciated the insights from the Comanche department in the making of the film that the team has decided to take it forward and make it accessible for the world to listen to the film in the language.

Prey is making history for being the first film ever to be heard in the whole language. 

As the film is slowly reaching its premiere date, you can catch up on the previous films to get the full context. The Predators series is available to stream on Hulu. 

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