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‘Pitch Perfect’ Show Will Finally Begin Filming in January 2022

You might be wondering that ‘Pitch Perfect’ show? Yes, indeed. The Pitch Perfect franchise is developing a television series, however there are few details available at the moment. Kay Cannon created the Pitch Perfect media franchise, which is an American musical comedic media characteristic.


The first movie was a surprise success. It was well-received by critics and was financially successful. In his spinoff series, everyone’s favorite Pitch Perfect villain is scheduled to return. Are you ready for some in-depth updates on this upcoming series?

Pitch Perfect Show Is In Process

In September 2021, it was revealed that Peacock has scheduled a television series centered on Pitch Perfect movie franchise for a 2022 release. Megan Amram, who will also serve as executive producer and showrunner, will pen the script, while Elizabeth Banks will serve as executive producer.

The Pitch Perfect movie followed Beca, an ambitious DJ who joins the all-female a cappella group The Bellas at her college, as they compete in several music competitions and go on a USO tour. Recently, Pitch Perfect television series is in development.

Adam Devine Will Reprise His Role In The Upcoming Spin-off Show ‘Pitch Perfect’

Adam Devine, who portrayed Bumper Allen in the original two Pitch Perfect movies, will appear in the spin-off show and reprise his role as the vocal villain that audiences despise. Devine stated that the Pitch Perfect Television show will begin production in German in January while chatting with Collider for the long-awaited The Righteous Gemstones season 2.

That’s certainly fantastic news, isn’t it? The actor also revealed something about the upcoming spin-off show in addition to these details. His excitement regarding the spin-off series is definitely beyond words. Here’s what he had to say:

“No way in hell did I think this was gonna be a thing that was gonna happen. I wouldn’t have thought of it, in a million years, but I always loved playing that character. I never shot down or poo-pooed the idea. So, when that opportunity came around, I was like, ‘I think this could be a really fun thing to try.’ And so, we’re already deep in the process. We have scripts coming out. At the top of the New Year, I’m gonna head off to Germany and become Bumper Allen once again.”

‘Excited To See Him Grow A Little Bit’

The actor Devine also stated that he is looking forward to seeing his character develop in the future spin-off.

“I’m excited to see him grow a little bit. Bumper was pretty one-dimensional. He was just a maniac. And then, in the second movie, you see a little crack in the facade of a guy that is just so insecure that he has to put on this little Butterball of braggadocio. He’s this little guy who’s just singing and dancing and is way too intense for his own good, and obviously there’s some underlying insecurity there.”

Adding, “So, I’m excited to watch him. What happened in those seven or eight years between the last time we saw him to now. I’m assuming quite a bit. I’m really excited that the scripts are coming in great. Megan Amram, who was a producer on The Good Place and Parks and Rec, is showrunning the show and she’s doing an amazing job. I’m excited to shoot that.”

Pitch Perfect Show’s Premise Details

The Pitch Perfect trilogy will be situated several years after the events of the first trilogy. The series follows Bumper as he relocates to Germany in order to resurrect his music career after one of his songs becomes an accidental success in Berlin. As a result, there will be a lot of character growth in the upcoming show. It’s something that everyone is looking forward to.

Erin Underhill, President of Universal Television, also spoke about the upcoming show. “We’re so happy to have the opportunity to bring the beloved Universal Pictures franchise Pitch Perfect to the small screen and to explore the hilarious and distinct characters in this musical-filled world.”

Adding, “We’re lucky to partner with the talented Elizabeth Banks, Max Handelman and Paul Brooks, who produced the iconic films; the exceptionally funny and memorable Adam Devine; and Megan Amram, whose clever adaptation of Pitch Perfect is sure to have audiences laughing out loud and tapping their feet.”

The announcement of a Pitch Perfect TV show on Devine’s Bumper generated mixed reactions from supporters. Pitch Perfect fans are excited for this upcoming series. The production will begin in January 2022, and we will provide more information in the near future. We’ll keep our readers in the loop.

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