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Pete Davidson Reveals His Desire To Become A Father, Is Kim Ready For A Fifth Child?

Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian’s love is growing stronger and now, the Saturday Night Live star, has expressed his desire to become ‘a father.’ During his interview with Kevin Hart for his Peacock show Hart to Heart, Pete shared that he is ready for fatherhood. So what’s Kim’s view on Pete’s desire? Read on to learn more about this development.

Being A Father Is Pete’s Dream…

Pete appeared on Kevin Hart’s Peacock show Hart to Heart and expressed his desire to become a father. “[I’m] definitely a family guy. My favourite thing ever, which I’ve yet to achieve, is I want to have a kid,” he said in a sneak peek of Peacock’s “Hart to Heart” on Tuesday (July 12). Kim, do you hear that?

He added that being a dad is like his dream. The 28-year-old loving boyfriend of the “Skims” founder started to justify his wish about having a kid by calling it “super corny”. However, Hart interfered and said, “it’s not super corny it’s the best God damn thing you can do in life.”

With the reassurance, Pete Davidson continued, saying he thinks fatherhood would “just be so fun” and uses it as a way to better himself. Pete continued, “I’m just so excited for that chapter, so like that’s kinda just what I’m preparing for now. Just trying to be like, as good of a dude, and develop and get better so that when that happens it’s just easier.”

He joked, “I tell my friends that all the time, I’m like ‘if everything was fine, if my childhood was fine, I’d probably be a construction worker in Staten Island. I’d be like the happiest guy ever, but that weird s*** that it does to you, made me love comedy.”

Pete Shares His Childhood Trauma…

After expressing his desire to become a dad, both the comedians talked about how their experiences with childhood trauma at a tender age shaped the outcome of their lives. Well, neither Pete nor Kevin Hart gave up as they both used comedy as a form of therapy.

If you don’t know this, Pete Davidson lost his firefighter dad in the Sept. 11 terrorist attack when he was just 7 years old. Pete has been extremely vocal about suffering from depression and his suicide attempt at the age of 9.

Well, Pete Davidson seems like a perfect father material and more importantly, he absolutely loves Kim Kardashian. Recently, the “King of Staten Island” star got a new tattoo as a tribute to his first kiss with the “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star.

The design features the names “Jasmine and “Aladdin” with an infinity sign in the middle, referencing their skit the pair starred in together when Kim hosted the show in 2021. As for Kim, she may not have gotten herself inked, but she has, time and again, expressed her love for Pete in public. Previously, a close source revealed that:

“Kim and Pete are doing great. She definitely foresees a strong, healthy, and promising future with him. He is so respectful of her and treats her like an absolute queen. He is completely enamoured by her beauty and talent. He thinks she’s an awesome mom and would more than likely take their relationship to the next level in a heartbeat, but Kim isn’t quite there yet.”

Pete Davidson has been there for Kim through thick and thin, for instance, supporting her during her legal battle with her ex-husband Kanye West. As for fatherhood, Pete will have to wait a bit more before Kim expresses her desire on the said topic. For now, Pete is enjoying around Kim’s existing children with Kanye West.

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