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Perfect Addiction Trailer: Prime Video’s Film Showcases a Love Triangle with a Twist of Vengeance

‘Perfect passion and perfect love,’ says the first official trailer of Prime Video’s new offering, Perfect Addiction. The romantic action-drama film follows an MMA trainer woman who seeks revenge on her cheating ex-boyfriend with the help of his arch-rival in the ring.

The film is based on Claudia Tan’s 2019 bestselling novel of the same. Apart from its gripping storyline and solid performances, the R-rated film is also generating buzz for its steamy love-making scenes. Read on to watch the trailer and know more about the film.

Perfect Addiction Trailer Features a Complex Love Triangle in the MMA World

The trailer shows Sienna Lane having a seemingly perfect life as she has her dream job and a loving boyfriend. One day, her dreams shatter in front of her own eyes as she finds her boyfriend, Jax Deneris, cheating on her with her little sister. “Sleeping with my little sister is an act of war,” she says in the clip.

Lane then comes up with a master plan to avenge the betrayal and turns to Jax’s fierce rival, Kayden, to dethrone him as a reigning champion. However, things soon get complicated as the three get stuck in a passionate love triangle, which makes Lane’s path to vengeance difficult.

Perfect Addiction drops on Amazon Prime Video on March 24. It will also be screened in theaters as a part of a special two-night Fathom Event on March 27 and 29. Watch the trailer below.

The Film is Based on Claudia Tan’s 2019 Novel

Claudia Tan’s novel Perfect Addiction got published in 2019; however, it got wide attention a little later on being posted on Wattpad, a storytelling social media platform. The novel got over 80 million reads and became an instant fan-favorite. The novel also won a People’s Choice Award due to its popularity.

As for the film, the official synopsis reads, “MMA trainer Sienna Lane thought she had finally got her life together: A nice apartment, her dream job, and Jax, the love of her life. Jax and Sienna seemed to be the unbreakable couple, moving from strength to strength, as Sienna trained Jax to become the ultimate MMA underground champion.”

“Everything felt perfect…until it wasn’t, when she catches Jax cheating on her with her younger sister. Facing the ultimate betrayal from those closest to her, Sienna sets out for revenge, and intends to hit Jax where it hurts the most — in the ring. The perfect opportunity presents itself in the form of underdog Kayden Williams.”

Perfect Addiction Star Cast

The film stars Kiana Madeira as Sienna Lane, Matthew Noszka as Jax Deneris, and Ross Butler as Kayden Williams and Manu Bennett. Castille Landon, known for Fear of Rain, has directed the film with a screenplay by Stephanie Sanditz.

Perfect Addiction has been produced by Aron Levitz, Jeremy Bolt, and Robert Kulzer of Wattpad Webtoon Studios. Martin Moszkowicz, Eric Lehrman, Richard S. Wright, and Lindsey Weems Ramey serve as the executive producers.

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