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Pedro Pascal Confirms He Has A Secret TikTok Account To Spy On Fans

“The Mandalorian” star Pedro Pascal is cheekier than we thought. During ABC’s Red Carpet Countdown leading up to the 95th Academy Awards, the Chilean actor caught up with model, Ashley Graham and revealed that he runs a secret TikTok account, that he uses to spy on his fans.

Pedro’s Secret Social Media Presence…

During ABC’s Red Carpet Countdown leading up to the 2023 Oscars, model Ashely Graham indulged in a candid conversation with Pedro Pascal. When asked about his social media presence, “The Last of Us” star revealed that he has a secret TikTok account.

As Ashley asked Pedro about TikTok, the Chilean actor denied it with a giggle before adding, “I have a secret one” at the end of his answer. As Pedro revealed that he uses this account to spy on his fans, social media users are now trying to figure out what handle Pedro is hiding under.

Pedro Pascal has been giving us double treats with “The Last of Us” and “The Mandalorian”. Recently, The Last of Us Season 1 amassed 8.1 million viewers with episode 8, being its most-watched of the series to date. Pedro, on the other hand, was deeply affected by the emotional return in this episode and took to his Instagram stories to pay tribute to Joel and Ellie’s reunion. He reposted a graphic image that depicted the moment when Joel finds Ellie.

A Famous TikTok Interaction…

Before revealing about a secret TikTok account, Pedro Pascal caught everyone’s attention for an interaction with a fan at Starbucks. As he continues to dazzle fans with his performance as Din Jarin in “The Mandalorian”, Pedro’s fanbase has extensively grown over the years. Recently, a fan happened to run into Pascal outside a Starbucks and captured the interaction on his TikTok.

“Pascal is nice and friendly, and even signs an autograph. and in most cases that would be the end of it,” the fan revealed. And yea, he was seen holding six shots of iced espresso, in a Venti cup with extra ice. Since then, the drink has become a fan-favourite.

Apart from TikTok, Pedro Pascal is active on Instagram where he has over 5.8 million followers. But again, he isn’t a big fan of social media. Many celebrities have, time and again, created secret accounts to spy on their fans, and Pedro is no stranger to the concept.  As for his TikTok account, we’d let you know if we figure out the handle!

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