Australian actress and trained dancer Pallavi Sharda has been cast as a regular on CBS’s newest drama pilot, “Murder.” The show will co-star Luna Lauren Velez, Michael Chiklis, and Teyonah Parris.

The pilot is brought to us by Lin Pictures and Warner Bros. TV. The show is based on a British miniseries and shot like a true-crime documentary. The investigative drama takes a unique approach to crime dramas with its conflicting perspectives of cops and killers, witnesses and victims and friends and families. Chiklis and Parris play Detectives Mason and Ayana respectively. The show delves into the emotional parts of being a detective. Velez plays NYPD Capt. Lili Alvarez, a female trailblazer who has sacrificed a lot to move up the ranks is a strong and supportive squad leader.

Sharda plays Dr. Parvati Agrawal, a forensic pathologist who has a strong professional compassion which is because she over-identifies with her work. She sees herself as each homicide victim’s last doctor, their last hope or voice in this world. Her sensitivity towards her work can lead her down a dangerous road.

This isn’t Sharda’s first rodeo, the actress has been a part of popular Australian show “Pulse,” Oscar-nominated film “Lion” and even some Bollywood flicks like “My Name is Khan,” “Heroine,” “Love, Breakups, Zindagi,” “Besharam,” and “Hawaizaada.”


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