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Meet the Cast of Outer Banks Season 3

One of the best shows you’ve ever seen, Outer banks is coming back for a third season. Let’s have a look at the cast of Outer Banks Season 3

The Netflix original show Outer Banks has exceeded spectators’ expectations. When the audience first saw it pop up on the screen in 2020 they thought it was just a typical teen drama tv show like any other show but it is so much more than that.

We have never felt such an emotional attachment to a show. When you’ll watch those ten hours of the series, you’ll still not get tired of it since it moves quickly. Each of the outstanding characters had a past that helped to truly humanize them.

You’ll go through a lot of emotional roller coasters watching this show. And you are always on the edge of your seat. We also really loved how the characters in this series evolved as friends and characters, going from just a few pals to seeing their families.

And since the third season of the show is about to begin, some new characters have taken their seats.

Outer Banks Season 3 Cast 

Do you want to discover which of your favorite characters from Outer banks will appear in the third season? And several fresh faces? If that’s the case, take a look at the cast list below.

1. Chase Stokes As John B. Routledge

Chase Stokes is a 29- year old man playing a 16-year-old kid and he pulled it off.

Here’s the truth: The show wouldn’t be so successful if people didn’t like John B. He takes up 2/3s of the screen time. He’s a great character [not to mention hot] who is played by a very charismatic and likable actor.

And also, people were originally annoyed that they didn’t just call him John. But John B hits differently, it’s iconic to the show now. And our favorite John B is when Kiara says it near the start of the first episode when John B dumps the fish out in front of her, ‘Aww JohnB’, haha.

2. Madelyn Cline As Sarah Cameron

Besides her being gorgeous. Spectators think Sarah Cameron has made people engaged. It’s because she combined seeming innocent and sweet, with being pretty directly flirtatious and sexual.

She’s always biting her lip, rolling her eyes, etc. In the beginning, she acts completely uninterested in JB, she’s super confident in whatever she’s doing and goes after what she wants.

We think that her playing kind of hard to get, and then showing her soft side combined with the fact that she’s only fully sexual with him is attractive to the audience.

She’s effervescent, she attracts everyone around her because of her confidence and because she makes them feel special — as if she only has eyes for them [which she doesn’t].

Her character actually reminded us of Serena from Gossip Girl, kind of messy but hot and confident and the audience is drawn to that.

3. Madison Bailey As Kiara Carrera

We love Kiara because she’s basically the mother of the group. You can tell she kind of helped to keep the group calm and under control. We also love her ‘treehugger’ personality. She wants to keep the earth clean and safe.

This tree hugger trait really goes hand in hand with her caring personality, hence why she is among the favorite characters in the series.

4. Jonathan Daviss As Pope Heyward

Jonathan Daviss is the brains of the outfit as fo, the POG with the highest IQ while John B and JJ tend to jump into things without thinking about them, Pope is the logical one that talks sense into them or at least tries to.

At the start, all he really wanted to do is to get out of the small town and strike out on his own but nothing is ever that easy for Davis himself.

Real life is a bit more inviting. At 21 years old, the actor has already appeared in NBC’s ‘Revolution’ and the 2018s movie ‘Summer’!

5. Rudy Pankow As JJ Maybank

JJ is a rough-around-the-edges kid that tries to put on a tough face even when things at home are falling apart around him. As a grade-a surfer, he’s fun to be around with even if he is a little bit of a loose cannon.

We can only imagine that actor Rudy Pankow likes to have a good time too. Before landing a starring role in Outer Banks, Pankow appeared in the ‘politician’. We’re about to see way more from Rudy given how great he is on the show.

6. Charles Esten As Ward Cameron

We all know that there ought to be at least a few individuals on the series that appear to be wonderful and kind to everyone, but who actually hide the evil that is revealed later.

Ward Cameron serves as our hidden enemy. We are aware that he was searching for the Royal Merchant covertly in order to take the gold for himself. And as everyone is aware, after a battle with John B., Ward is currently recovering on a medical bed in season 2.

Spectators anticipate seeing his character development in the upcoming seasons.

7. Austin North As Topper Thornton

Sarah’s boyfriend, Topper, may be one of the lesser likes characters in the series, it’s not hard to see why as he’s the leader of the Opposition as the king of the Kooks.

Plus when he goes head-to-head with John at the start of the season, it doesn’t exactly give him any bonus points.

The real question is how old actor Austin North is, it turns out that he’s a little too old to be playing a teenager – at the ripe age of 25, North made a name for himself as the Disney star before making his way to Outer banks.

8. Drew Starkey As Rafe Cameron

Sarah’s older brother, Rafe, isn’t exactly the kind of coupe that you would expect to see. Even though he is rich and has all the opportunities in the world, he never took them. In fact, he went to college only to drop out and become a drug dealer that’s never a good life plan.

Thankfully, actor Drew Starkey is nothing like his character and is fast becoming a success. The more famous he gets, the more we will definitely start to know about him.

The characters are exceptional and each one got a backstory that really humanized them. The main group of characters is likable and spectators enjoy watching them figure out all these new mysteries as the show goes on.

We’re really looking forward to the third season and are just as eager as you are. What are your thoughts on the main characters of Outer Banks? Which character do you like the most? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below.

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