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Oh My Girl Now Reduced to Six Members, Jiho Parts Ways with WM Entertainment

Oh, My Girl’s Jiho decided not to renew her contract with WM Entertainment hence becoming a free agent.

The Decision

As per the reports, Jiho and WM Entertainment have mutually decided to part ways with each other. The other members of Oh My Girl have decided to continue the contract with the label and renewed it. The reason for Jiho not continuing is reported to be her willingness to take up new challenges to broaden herself as an artist.

WN Entertainment’s Announcement

On May 9th, WN Entertainment released the following statement –

“Hello. This is WM Entertainment. First of all, we express our deep gratitude to the fans and many other people for always supporting and loving Oh My Girl.”

“The agency has renewed exclusive contracts with the six members of Oh My Girl, Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Yoo Bin (formerly known as Binnie), and Arin. With deep trust and confidence in each other built over working together for seven years, we plan to not hold back on our full support so that the six members can promote actively in diverse fields.”

“Furthermore, we will respect Jiho’s decision to head towards her new dream after the end of long in-depth conversations with the members of course as well the agency, and we inform you that her exclusive contract with us has ended.”

“We express our gratitude to Jiho who has been with us for a long period of seven years, and we will sincerely support Jiho in her future activities.”

“The six members will continue to promote together as Oh My Girl. Along with a new start, they will continue to impress further, so please continue to send them lots of encouragement and support.”


The many aspects of K-Pop have been mastered and explored by the female groups and their chicness, adorability and confidence continue to amaze the audience. WM’s OH MY GIRL made its definitive debut back in 2015 and since then they have been loved by the fans.

With the release of eponymous, the 8 member group started their journey which was full of emotive tracks which have been critically applauded for strong vocals. Seven years in the industry and the loss of one of its members, JinE who left the group in 2017 due to health issues and here is another loss for the group.

Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Jiho, Yubin, and Arin made their comeback with the “Real Love” title which brought out the creative and fun aspects of each of the members.

Real Love has been highly successful owing to its light and warm tones which can be felt throughout the album. The ten-track record highlights the complexities of emotion so deeply experienced by everyone which is Love.

After seven years of working as a group, the exit of a member sure does impact the group and its members but now all we can hope for is to wait and see what Jiho’s future endeavours are and what the fans of OH MY GIRL will be witnessing.

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