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Not Okay: Hulu’s Upcoming Satire Comedy Highlights Fame Hungry Millennials’ Social Media Game

The modern-day world of social media as navigated by today’s young adults can seem somewhat absurd at times, which makes it prime satire material.

The fact that there are some people who actually believe they can manipulate others with their words and pictures (which are oftentimes Photoshopped) is absurd.

The fact that they feel they can do this without repercussion is equally as absurd. But what’s even more disturbing is how these people think that they can get away with it.

They post pictures of themselves on social media from their own perspective, but when someone calls them out on it, they cry foul because they have a right to have their image posted anywhere that they choose.  

One such similar situation is being portrayed in Hulu’s upcoming “Not Okay”. The film is quite evident in today’s time where everyone wants to be the centre of attraction, especially on social media.

The movie is all prepared to premiere on the streaming platform and I cannot wait to tell you everything. Check out this article to unveil the whole social media disaster “Not Okay” portray in this satirical dark comedy. 

Hulu Brings A Unique Satirical Comedy Taking Social Media Game To Next Level

What do you think when someone says, “I am a social media influencer”? You instantly think about the number of followers they have or what kind of content they upload that gets them such incredible reach.

But have you wondered what if the stuff that you see on the feeds of these “Influencers” is even real? 

This is where Hulu comes in with its upcoming satirical dark comedy “Not Okay” where we will witness a hopeless and lonely woman build this huge fake life for herself on the internet to be more approachable and likeable by her peers.

The film focuses on Danni, a girl who decides to pretend to be a victim of a tragedy in order to boost her popularity on Instagram.

Not Okay: when is it Releasing?

Not Okay is going to be the first ever film to satirize the concept of “Influencer” and give it a familiar and brave side to it.

The production network Searchlight Pictures have announced the release date for Danni’s social media game to unleash on your screens.

The film is ready to premiere on July 29th on Hulu. I know the premiere date made you happy because the film is just around the corner. 

Not Okay: Trailer Highlighting Fame Hungry Millenial’s Social Media Game

By far you know, Danni is a millennial just like any other twenty-something trying to fit into today’s world with the world’s possibly most deadly and convenient method – Social Media. 

The fresh trailer takes us into Danni’s miserable life where she goes on a journey of “making it big” with a devastating twist. The trailer opens with Danni talking to her boss depicting that she aspires to be a Writer.

She doesn’t get past the writing gig as her boss grounds her by making her realise her actual job which is a “Photo Editor”. The next we see, she walks down the street and bumps into her co-worker who happens to be Dylan O’ Brian.

He doesn’t recognise her which gives us an idea of her personality and her presence in everyone’s life.

After being brutally ignored by her co-worker Colin, she decided to use her editing skills and makes a fake trip to Paris from her room by posting from Paris on Instagram.

Unfortunately, a deadly disaster hits Paris while she’s out of the country and instead of disclosing her location, she uses it to her advantage.

Not Okay: Extended Cast

Those who’ve seen the trailer can breathe with the fact that Dylan O’ Brain is making our year by coming back for yet another film. He is playing another social media influencer, Colin who is actually famous.

Another lead role of our fake influencer, Danni played by Zoey Deutch. Not Okay marks the second film from the lead role after the successful response to their last movie together, The Outfit. 

The film also features Mia Isaac (Don’t Make Me Go) in a wonderful role, Embeth Davidtz (The Morning Show), Nadia Alexander (Seven Seconds), Tia Dionne Hodge (The Land of Steady Habits), and Negin Farsad (Birdgirl).

The film is written and directed by Quinn Shephard and produced by Brad Weston and Negin Salmasi. 

Not Okay: What Can We Expect From The Film?

By the looks of the trailer, it is clear that Danni is portraying an immature and inexperienced fake influencer who just makes an entire thrilling trip to Paris only for attention.

Danni Sanders (Zoey Deutch) is an aspiring but unfulfilled writer, who has no friends, no romantic prospects and worst of all not a cool Instagram with decent followers.

With hopes to become a better writer and social media influencer, Danni fakes a trip to Paris.

Suddenly, in the middle of her fake trip to Paris, a frightening event takes palace and Danni gets caught up in a lie that evolved into something far more complex than she ever imagined.

The film also shows an innocent friendship between her and Rowan, they became friends after they both survived school shootings and subsequently became activists. She also has a love interest with another social media influencer who is actually a real one.

The film is setting everything as per Danni’s choices until she gets in real trouble and gets called out by the entire world. 

The film also stars a real-life fake influencer in a small cameo role. The satirical dark comedy is trying to show real-life scenarios by covering them in all authentic ways. 

Quinn Shephard on Why a film like “Not Okay”

The writer and director and upcoming satirical focusing on today’s game of social media reality opened up about choosing to work on such a film.

She revealed that she was caught up with the everyday reality of coming across cancel culture, and fake influencers ruling social media in the actual world where everything is falling apart.

She shared that working on Not Okay was her way of coping with such news around us. She added that Not Okay is an emotional overload of emotions that she has manipulated with satire to make it digestible. 

The film is all set to unleash the harsh reality of today’s social media and the exposure of so called “Influencers” who promote unrealistic standards for everyone with their altered lives. 

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