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Northern Rescue Season 2 Coming Or Not? Here’s The Detail

Countless positive reviews and applauds made their way to Northern Rescue soon after this Canadian drama aired. Back in 2019, the show aired on Netflix and CBC, and ever since fans are longing for another season.

No wonder the responses were flawless and with so many people joining the viewership worldwide, there were more reasons to wait for an upcoming season.

Northern Rescue Season 2

The end of Season 1 has left us hanging and people are seeking answers now. For two years now, there are no updates as such about Northern Rescue Season 2. The renewal might be slowly hitting off and the delay is because of the pandemic.

Northern Rescue Season 2 – Release Date Possible?

Season 1 was without a shrink, a huge success. Regardless of the success, there is no official confirmation either from CBC or Netflix about the upcoming seasons.

The reviews might be open to speculations and the channels are taking their own time to figure out the aspects.

If you are aware, Season 1 of the show was a cliffhanger and partially incomplete. There is a lot of possibilities that need chances to be explored and that is one reason why the audience is expecting another season.

According to Cinemablend, Northern Rescue 2 is one of the shows that falls on the list of canceled shows for Netflix.

There’s more to it though.

Going by the answer that William Baldwin spoke to a Journalist through Twitter, there are chances and possibilities in the future.

According to the post, “@maysoonzayid @johnlegend is my Google Assistant voice & he just told me there will be a @northern_rescue Season 2. No date & I couldn’t confirm it any other way but it was a lovely way to learn so I had to pass it on. I wonder if @BillyBaldwin will confirm.”

Not that I know of… no,” came the answer from Baldwin.

The Season 1 Plotline + The Cliffhanger

The family of John West aka William Baldwin were seen in trouble. Fans are eagerly waiting to see what’s in store for the audience. After John loses his wife, Sarah, it is difficult for him and the three kids to bear the loss.

Shifting with his sister-in-law in Boston was the only solution for John at the moment.

The end of Season 1 was where Charlie, Sarah’s sister figures out the truth about her boyfriend Alex. Moreover, Maddie, Sarah’s daughter finding out the family secret about her biological father makes the story more intriguing.

Northern Rescue Season 2

When the show comes back, we are hoping for the same cast to participate. Who knows though.

Well, we will just have to wait for the news to unfold.

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  1. I always loved Billy Baldwin! That was a great show! I watched all of them back to back. Bring this show back! There are plenty of shitty shows that need to be replaced. Great story line.

  2. I also just finished watching it back to back. I also agree that I would like to see a season 2 and that it is a great show.

  3. I love the family set-up (far more likeable and believable than the family in ‘Chesapeake Shores’, for example) and the rescues are interesting and different. It deserves a second season!

  4. Bring it back!!!! I binge-d all 10 episodes and I loved it!!! The husband missing his wife, the sister and her on off ex, the son and his anger, the youngest daughter and the secrets she finds, and then the oldest daughter, finding out that her dad isn’t her bio father!!! I want more!!! Don’t leave us hanging!!!!

  5. Great show. Love it. There are lots of avenues to go with this show and it is fun to watch to see where it goes. I love Maddie’s character! Perfect teenage role. Would love to see at least one more season out of it!

  6. Just completed season 1. I really loved all of the action in each of the characters daily life’s. Season 2 needs to brought back where season 1 ended. Will be watching for the dated when it starts.

  7. Great Season 1. But it’s been 2 years.
    Someone said-Money is the root of all evil !
    Want to bet the major problem- maybe the only problem with Season 2 – is money.
    Somebody is being paid too much and somebody is not being paid enough.
    The Show must go on ! So they say….
    Once the money issues are sorted out

  8. Given all the filler J U N K on Netflix that nobody wants to watch, it begs the question, “What is wrong with you Netflix?” Why bother asking for ratings if you’re not going to listen and respond accordingly. Viewers need more family-oriented shows that aren’t filled with violence and nonsense like zombies and vampires, etc. It takes 2 years to get good family shows renewed for new seasons, i.e., Heartland, Northern Rescue and now that I’ve watched Longmire 10 times, it seems like an exercise in futility. Netflix has gone from being an innovator to being a complete waste of time. I’m so close to cancelling my subscription.

  9. Love this show and have watched the 1 season more than once bc it was so good. Even tho it got amazing rating it was cancelled? We need more family shows with real situations. Very disappointed that they cancelled such an amazing show!

  10. Please,please,please have a season 2 not fair to leave us hanging. This is one of the better shows. Take off some of the junk and replace it with Northern Rescue

  11. I couldn’t turn the TV off, compelling viewing, awesome character portrayal and deeply emotive performance by William Baldwin…..such great conviction in performances of the supporting actors also.

    How inspirational to see such great cinema work on our TV screens. I am a music producer and songwriter for emerging artists in Australia and this series, its actors, its writers, its producers, are all stars. Thank you so much.

  12. Netflix will give millions of $$ to the likes of Harry and Markle to do SFA, but won’t renew awesome shows like this one. I binge watched this in a weekend, I didn’t want to sleep cause it just kept getting better and better and more exciting. I’ve now watched this show more times then most. It was nice to find a good show in the crap that currently exists on television.

  13. Maybe Hulu should pick it up! It’s a good show and honestly sick of netflix and how long it takes to get a second season and cancelling good shows! May have to cancel Netflix and keep Hulu!

  14. Nobody in Boston says “Ant” for Aunt unless they implanted from the mid-west. The show was poorly executed, stupidly overdramatized, and predictable.


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