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Noah Schnapp Is Mastermind At “True Confessions”, Millie Bobby Brown Is A True Interrogator

The latest episode of “The Tonight Show” was all about “Stranger Things”. Jimmy Fallon invited two of the most famous stars, Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven) and Noah Schnapp (Will Byers) from the record-breaking series to play a Game of Deception, called “True Confessions. Read on to know all about what they had to confess.

A Game Of Deception…

Jimmy Fallon comes up with the craziest game ideas on his show. This time, “The Tonight Show” host came up with a Game Of Deception called “True Confessions”. The first opponent for this game was none other than Millie Bobby Brown (18), known for playing Eleven on “Stranger Things”. FYI, her new movie “Enola Holmes” premieres on Netflix on Nov. 4.

Millie’s opponent was Noah Schnapp (18), known for his role as Will Byers on Netflix’s famous sci-fi drama series, and guess what, ‘he did come in hot’ as he poured coffee on Jimmy’s envelopes containing confessions. Coming back to the game, Jimmy revealed these envelopes and explained the rules to both opponents.

Did Millie Sneak A Pet Bunny Into A Hotel?

Jimmy explained, “One of the confession envelopes is true and the other is a lie. Once you read your confession, the other player gets to interrogate you. Then you have to come to a unanimous decision–is it a true or a lie.” It was Millie’s turn first, and she decided to open up the second envelope. She read, “I sneak my pet bunny into hotels.” Noah replied, “it sounds real”. On this, Jimmy asked, why do you sneak it in, why can’t you just check it in.”

Millie responded, “Because they usually let people check in dogs and cats, but probably not a rabbit. It might become an issue.” Noah then said, “Millie won’t be sneaking it in, she just loves animals, she would just walk in.”

Noah was convinced by then that it was a lie, but then millie interrupted that she may have to pay a deposit, so she might as well sneak the rabbit in. After a bit of argument, about if it was a truth or a lie, Noah said, “This is a lie.” Even Jimmy agreed to it. But then Millie said, “It’s a truth.” Well, Jimmy surely lost a point there, because Noah initially admitted that it was the truth but then got played. Jimmy laughed and said, “you played us like a deck of cards.”

After it, Millie said that it did become an issue when they found out that she had a pet bunny. She said, “I went into the elevator and put him under my sweater, and if they ask, I am breastfeeding my child,” Millie joked. She continued, “the bunny buzzes and gets really happy, and it was buzzing under her shirt and then its ear came out.” After this, Millie put up a DND sign on her door for the next five days.

Did Lebron Call Jimmy From The Court?

It was Jimmy’s turn and he decided to open the first envelope. Jimmy read, “Lebron James called me from the court during a game.” Noah said, “That’s so cool!” Millie joked, “I think it’s almost too cool…for you.” Then Millie interrogated Jimmy, and asked, “When and who were they playing?” On this, Jimmy said, “It was probably four years ago and they were playing against Nuggets, oh no the Golden State Warriors.”

She then asked, “What did you talk about, what did you say?” Jimmy said, “See the thing is I went…” Millie immediately interrupted him and said, “You’re lying.” In the end, Noah and Millie unanimously stated that it was a lie. Jimmy responded, “Yes, it is a lie”. Well, Jimmy got caught on an easy one. Well, Lebron would never do that during a game.

Now, it was Noah’s turn and he opened the first envelope and read out loud, “I guilt-tripped Shawn Mendes into following me back on Instagram.” Millie responded, “This is something Noah is capable of doing.” Jimmy started with his interrogation and asked, “When is it?” Noah replied, “About a year or two ago.” Millie asked, “Why did you guilt-trip him? He didn’t want to follow you?”

Noah spontaneously replied, “He followed everyone in the cast except for me,” he stated while adding that he followed everyone from Sadie, Gaten, Caleb and even Millie. On this, Millie called Noah “bitter” and said that he is mad. Noah even revealed that he sent a DM. Jimmy by then, showcased his bad social media knowledge and said, “You can’t DM anyone if you’re not following them.” Millie and Noah held Jimmy there and enlightened him that’s “not like that, you can”.

Jimmy then asked, “What did Men-Men say to you on the DM?” Noah responded that he asked him about how he was doing, “I love you so much” and so on. Jimmy asked, “When was the last time you talked to him on IG.” Noah answered that he called him the other day. On this, Jimmy was convinced that it was an absolute lie. Millie and Jimmy decided that its a lie.

But then, Noah Schnapp got up and revealed, “It’s the truth!” Well, he actually tricked them into their own interrogation regarding Mendes. What an actor! Noah is just too good at lying. Jimmy actually referred to him as the “Mastermind” after this round.

But hey, Noah guilt-tripping Shawn Mendes like that is the most Noah thing ever, and Shawn Mendes actually falling for the guilt-tripping is just so Canadian, isn’t it? Just joking. Fun game, though. Planning to organize this game for family and friends this weekend?

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