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Nisekoi Season 3: Release Date, Trailer, Spoilers & Updates

Here we are sharing the latest updates on Nisekoi Season 3. Well, Nisekoi is one of the finest romance-comedy series for any anime viewer, not to mention it’s very popular amongst anime fans due to the unique and enjoyable storyline they offer. Nisekoi is a narrative about high school students who fall in love, and it was launched in English as Nisekoi: False Love. Anybody can now watch it on Netflix as well as Hulu. Naoshi Komi formed and demonstrated the anime series, which is centered on a shnen manga series of the same name.

Nisekoi was first released on January 11, 2014, and it now has a total of two seasons, but will there be a third season as well? This has caused a great deal of consternation among fans. So, to clear your doubts, we have all of the details regarding the issue of viewing audience uncertainty about whether or not this show is truly coming to an end or if it will continue.

Nisekoi Season 3 Release Date

Well, it’s with a heavy heart that I disclose that there has been no news from the production house regarding the release date of season 3. Because of the storyline, the first and second seasons received a massive response from the audience.

Season 1 premiered on January 11, 2014, as stated above; season 2 premiered in April 2015, and many fans are now anticipating the return of season 3.

The manga has a maximum of 25 volumes, each with 229 chapters, and the producers now have enough content and components for another season.

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There hasn’t been any news about Nisekoi season 3, but the previous season was left unsatisfied, and there can be probably a return of Season 3, if you want to know if Season 3 will be released, stay tuned; we’ll post the details as shortly as we gain knowledge regarding them.

So, if you want to understand about the previous season and the cast of Nisekoi, which has been a brilliant story, let’s take a look at that as well. Also, it may contain spoilers, so if you haven’t seen the series yet, I would advise you not to read it so that your fun isn’t spoiled.

Regarding The Previous Season

The last episode was released in June of 2015, and there hasn’t been any news about season 3 since then, but there may be a season 3 due to the large amount of content they have. Well, let’s talk about the last season of Nisekoi.

If you’ve watched Nisekoi so far, you may have noticed that Raku falls in love with quite a few girls in the shows. Season 2 had only 12 episodes, compared to Season 1, which had around 20 episodes.

The new faces were presented, as was Haru, Kosaki’s sister who allegedly had the pendant and is possibly his romantic interest, the background story of which is never investigated. We’re attempting to find Chitoge’s red ribbon at the end of Season 2, which is episode number 12, the final episode which was seen by the viewers, while she’s learning how to commit her feelings for Raku.

Clearly, the ending was not fairly obvious to the viewers, and they anticipate more; we don’t know who his real love interest is, also the truth about the real promise girl hasn’t been displayed yet. Everyone is curious about the actual promise girl. We can expect clearance of doubt if there’s a season 3.

Nisekoi’s Casts

Since the last two seasons, there have been several characters; let’s take a look at some of the more interesting ones:

  • Raku Ichijou – An innocent teenager and the son of a gangster. He guarantees a girl in her childhood that he will marry her in the future, which he does.

Voice Cast – Kento Nakajima

  • Kosaki Onodera – Raku’s other close friend. She is a shy person with having feelings for Raku.

Voice Cast – Natsumi Ikema

  • Chitoge Kirisaki – She’s a daughter of Beehive’s who is a gangster, and also has an aggressive personality.

Voice Cast – Ayami Nakajô

Season 3 Expectations

Nothing has been confirmed as of yet, but a love romance is expected in season 3. The confession of feelings, among other things. There will also most likely be chemistry between the characters, which fans are eager to see. Fans want a third season and amazing love chemistry amongst characters, so fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

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