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Nikki Reed Is Pregnant With Her Second Child With Ian Somerhalder

Nikki Reed and Ian Somerhalder will announce soon that there will be a new family member as they are about to welcome a baby into the world.

According to both of the couple’s Instagram accounts, they announced on Monday that they were expecting their second child.

As A Family Of Three, The Couple Has Decided To Grow

The new mother of two will be Nikki Reed, and she is very excited about the prospect. She further announced her pregnancy on Monday, Jan. 9, when she posted a picture to Instagram of her holding her 5-year-old daughter, Bodhi Soleil, while cradling her baby bump, much like she did with the announcement of her first pregnancy.

“2023 celebrating life” was the first thing she wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. “Years of dreaming, manifesting, and praying over this very moment. So much love. What a gift.”

“As all of you know, I have firm boundaries with social media, especially when it comes to children and what I choose to put out into the world,” she continued. “Thank you so much for honoring that, and for sending positivity and kindness and LOVE. Some things are too good not to share :).”

As seen in the stunning picture, Nikki is wearing a skin-tight brown maxi dress, which she wore in front of a bush with purple flowers nearby and mountains in the photo’s background. Her face was hidden from view by the wide brim of her off-white, wide-brimmed hat, which was angled downwards.

In keeping with her mom’s color scheme, Bodhi wore corduroy pants in tan and a brown sweater with cheetah prints that matched her pants perfectly. A cute pop of color was added to her outfit with her pink polka-dot socks.

She Explained How They Make Sure Bodhi Does Not Get Too Much Attention From The Media

Following the couple’s April 2015 wedding, Bodhi was welcomed into the world in July 2017, just a few months after the couple announced they were expecting a baby. In the post that Nikki wrote, she explained that she and Ian care greatly about protecting each other’s privacy.

Despite keeping Bodhi out of the spotlight, Nikki has shared what it’s like raising a daughter on a farm with goats, cows, horses, and fresh produce, along with a family of goats, cows, and horses. In an interview with E! News in May 2022, the Twilight alum revealed that she and her husband made the conscious decision that their child should have the most normal life possible.

She explained how moving from the city to the countryside was a great decision and gave her great exposure to nature and its wonders. She said that one of her day’s greatest joys is watching Bodhi run through the dirt without shoes on.

The mother of a young one also spoke in 2019 about the difficulties of balancing a flourishing career with having a young child at home. “You know, balance is a dance. It’s not a destination. It’s a continual dance that we are all navigating. We live in a very busy time and we all have a lot of things we’re passionate about and things that get us up in the morning and inspire us. And, you don’t want to give up any of those things. But, I think we all relate in that we all wish we could just slow down a little bit… It’s a dance.” She said.

Who Is Nikki Reed?

This American actress is most famous for portraying the vampire Rosalie Hale in the popular movie series, ‘The Twilight Saga franchise, which is one of the best-selling worldwide movie franchises. Aside from being a singer and songwriter, she is also a screenwriter, a model, and a screenwriter. It was in the drama film ‘Thirteen’ that she began her acting career. An underage high school student becomes involved in sex, crime, and drug abuse in the film.

She won a Best Debut Performance award in collaboration with the Independent Spirit Awards. In the romantic fantasy film ‘Twilight,’ in which she played Rosalie Hale, she became an international celebrity after appearing in ‘Lords of Dogtown’ and ‘American Gun.’ In addition to Jack Goes Home, she has appeared in several independent horror films.

She also appears on television and has been a recurring character in Sleepy Hollow, a supernatural drama that has been well-received by critics. Besides being a singer-songwriter, the multi-talented woman has released several music videos and songs. Volunteering at animal shelters and advocating for animal rights are two of her passions.

A second child will be born to the couple shortly. Our best wishes for the upcoming happiness of these two people go out to them. We will be bringing you more celebrity gossip in the future, so stay tuned.


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