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Nikki Glaser Thinks She Looks Like Seth Meyers, Together They Look Like The Nelson Brothers

American stand-up comedian, actress and podcaster, Nikki Glaser, whose new stand-up special “Good Clean Filth” is streaming on HBO Max appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers and engaged in a candid conversation with Seth Meyers. From looking like Seth’s twin to kicking her dad out of her stand-up, Nikki shared some of the hilarious incidents.

Nikki Looks Like Seth Meyers…

Seth Meyers starts by complimenting Nikki on her gorgeous dress, and she replied, “Oh, I forgot my bra.” Nikki Glaser told Seth Meyers that she has realised that she looks like him. Nikki said, “I am complimenting you–I’ve always found you very attractive.” She added that the only difference between their faces is that she has makeup on. Well, if you look at them, they actually look like twins.

Seth replied, “Well, I have always found you very attractive so this makes sense now.” Nikki spontaneously responded, “Like a true narcissist. Exactly, like yes.” Nikki made a revelation that “most women’s faces without makeup just do look–you can pretty much pair them with a guy–because we have the same faces.”

The 38-year-old comedian also gave an example by saying, “For instance, if I have to ask the audience to, like draw a picture of like a smiley face and I go, ‘Now make it a woman’, why would you do? She answered the question by saying, you wouldn’t scribble a vagina–no one even knows how o draw it, you would just add eyelashes–it’s what sets women and men apart.”

Per Nikki, it’s the makeup that sets apart the faces of the two genders. Now, if that’s true, I’d like to see who resembles the legendary actor Arnold, phew, just saying. The conversation got more interesting when Nikki told Meyers, “Do you know who do we look like?” Seth replied, “This is late-breaking news, you brought a photo.”

Together They Look Like Nelson Brothers…

Nikki said she just came up with it backstage because someone told her she looks like the concerned duo but she got a partner. Nikki stated that together, they both look like the Nelson brothers from “Nelson”. Seth placed the photo on the table, and voila, they do. If Seth grows long hair, the two would actually look like twins. The two even posed like the Nelson brothers. Spooky, ain’t it?

Seth responded that he too has been a fan of the Nelson brothers and that “it’s all coming together”. Nikki asked Seth if he ever put on makeup. She said, “Sometimes I see a guy’s face and I’m like–I just want to get a little eyeliner in there.” Seth replied, “He played one of the cast members in a “Desperate Housewives” sketch back in the day. He said he looked great in makeup.

Nikki surely seems to be fond of makeup. She also shared that she sprays tan on her body constantly, and her regular pallor is an Uncle Fester-ish colour. She said when people recognise her without makeup, she gets really offended.  She continued, “I use Sally Hansen leg spray. This is all painted on. It’s all gonna–my shower is gonna look like the water in Flint, Michigan, when I bathe later. That’s not an insult, it’s a problem let’s fix it.” Well, she used that in her jokes often.

Moving Back To Hometown of St. Louis…


Seth asked Nikki about moving back to her hometown of St. Louis at the beginning of the pandemic and then it took off. She confessed that she was scared because the world was shutting down and she didn’t have any comedy clubs and podcasts to fill her life with, so she decided to go to her mom and dad.

She thought that her stay would be like two weeks, but she ended up living with her parents for 10 months. Nikki confessed that it was getting embarrassing so she had to eventually move out as people were asking her where she is living, and why. She joked, “so I got rid of my therapist.” She further added that people should instead be asking me “why am I so talented!”

She revealed that she moved out and got her own apartment. She even did a reality show based on it. Seth Meyers revealed that St. Louis appreciates it and they even have a Nikki Glaser day, on April 28th. Here, she was talking about Welcome Home Nikki Glaser? on E!., which is still streaming on Peacock.

She said E! bought the Nikki Glaser Day and she was awed that one can actually buy day in the city. As a comedian, Nikki truly loves attention. Nikki Glaser revealed that they gave her a proclamation from the mayor and they even gave her a key to the city. Seth replied, “Wow! Double key guest day!”

Nikki’s First Pitcher At Cardinals Game…

Moving ahead, Seth asked her about her first pitch at a Cardinals game. Nikki said, “Yes, at the Busch Stadium, I threw the first pitch, which I did not want to do at all because I am not athletic at all.” She cracked a joke saying, “She got first voted off “Dancing With The Stars” and that it’s traumatic for her.

Nikki continued, “I accepted it because it’s every–it’s like my boyfriend, it’s all my guy friends’ Make A Wish To Do this. They’re like you gotta do it. So I did it but I did not do it as well as I wanted. I will not watch the footage. I don’t know how it went. People keep sending it to me as an abusive tactic. I block them.”

Seth Meyers replied, “Is that bad we have footage? She said, “Do I–Do I close my eyes a little bit. Can I watch it like I watch “Saw”?” Seth asked her to close her eyes completely and get the audience’s reaction. Nikki said, “You tell me if this was as bad as 50 Cent.”

As Nikki close her eyes, Seth played the embarrassing video where Nikki was seen throwing the pitch completely off the track and the audience burst out in laughter. Nikki joked that she cried so much later after that.

But hey, Nikki is actually a world-class pitcher with an 80 mph cutter that breaks left and is impossible to hit. I think she just threw that bad for comedic effect. Well, it’s always pleasant to watch her perform. 

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