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Night Sky Season 2 Will Not Be Happening

Spectators had high hopes for Night Sky’s renewal, but it appears that things have gone in the wrong direction. Night Sky received positive reviews from critics, and audiences have been clamoring for a second season.

In the series, Irene and Franklin York have kept hidden a chamber that leads to a deserted planet, but the arrival of an enigmatic young man disrupts their peaceful existence.

Spectators applaud the lead characters’ performances, which include not only their phrases but also their mannerisms, and how they deliver both is outstanding.

Excellent character casting immerses you in such heartfelt real-life drama that you become involved in the characters’ daily lives. And that’s exactly what happened with the spectators of Night Sky. Let’s talk about the renewal.

Night Sky Is Officially Canceled

Night Sky, starring Academy Award winners Sissy Spacek and J.K. Simmons, has been canceled by Amazon prime video after only one season, despite receiving glowing reviews and being a crowd favorite.

The announcement comes nearly a month and a half after all eight Season 1 episodes captured everyone’s attention. Everyone had been taken aback by the cancelation.

Following the conclusion of season one, spectators were eagerly anticipating season two. The cliffhangers at the end of each episode were mainstream, and the final episode definitely left people wanting more. But it appears that the Night Sky audience will not get closure.

What Led To The Cancelation Of Night Sky?

There are so many possibilities for this show, and it could’ve explored many of them in upcoming episodes, but the cancellation has effectively ended the journey of the leads. You may be wondering what caused the cancellation of such a brilliant series.

As previously stated, many people enjoyed the show, including the acting, characters, and narrative. However, according to reports, the series did not have a significant viewership impact despite incurring significant costs due to its sci-fi content.

And science fiction shows expenses are always at their peak. That’s the possible reason we might not receive another season. However, we hope that the show is picked up by another streaming platform or is revived in some way. Because the unresolved threads are extremely disappointing.

Holden Miller’s Thoughts On Night Sky

Night Sky’s writer Holden Miller actually described the show beautifully long back. Miller stated, “There’s something fitting in this show about sort of experiencing something incredibly momentous, but from a place that feels like it’s your own bedroom.”

Added, “It feels a little bit like what we’ve all been going through for the past couple of years—what the uncanny mixing of those two things feels like.

At the same time, while [Night Sky] is incredibly emotionally serious, it has a warmth and humor and an escapist quality—reminding us all of the possibility of adventure in life, and the profundities that we’re constantly grappling with.”

What are your thoughts on the show’s cancellation? You’re welcome to share your opinions in the comment section below.

And if there is a strong reaction from the audience to the cancellation, we may have some good news. But, once again, it’s just hope.

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  1. I am so disappointed to hear this. I loved this show. I would never have watched season 1 had I known there would be no season 2.

  2. We have so enjoyed this series and are disappointed to say the least that it has been cancelled. Finally, something worth watching.

  3. Well, bummer! Such a good show and we were certainly looking forward to seeing more of such a good show. Great actors, great plot, well made. Definitely NOT a good decision!

  4. Another reason why I tread carefully before deciding whether or not to order streaming services. I had been considering signing up for Prime after housesitting for my sister who had Prime but as of yesterday, she shut it off. Considering the abrupt cancellation of this show, I won’t sign up. I mean for gawd’s sake, this show was just barely out and it’s already been decided that a Season 2 isn’t warranted?

    Networks, streaming services, etc. are now acting like hyperactive children whose attention span is akin to a super ball bouncing off the walls proving once again that instant gratification of everything isn’t a good thing. When will these tv bigwigs understand that this is not the way of science fiction and it’s fans, particularly when it involves “out-of-this-world” storylines. It isn’t a silly romcom that people are watching on their phones while in the bathroom. It can take time, a convention or two, some lunches with friends, a social media blitz, some reviews that people can read before and after watching the series, youtube interviews with the cast, several late night talk show appearances and all the tricks that Hollywood knows to get attention to a new show.

    *We interrupt this comment to address Prime directly.*
    Hello Prime. The Star Trek convention is in August and it didn’t occur to any of you geniuses that this would have been a perfect place to send the cast, show a preview, etc. No? Perhaps it’s time to have actual conversations with us instead of making assumptions? Well, I guess I’ll let you get back to putting out the fire in your newest Tesla toy.

    This show had such potential for great things to come. I’m just grateful there will be books and even more grateful that I love to read. Daily.

    Good job Prime. I’ll be using the money I would have spent on Prime fees to order up some Italian to share with friends while we watch whatever the latest show Ali Wong is in (surprise! – we love raunchy comedy too!)

    Sissy Spacek, for cryin’ out loud. Hello, are you people truly this daft not to . . . Never mind. Think I’ll go lecture the cat on something. At least I know she listens.

  5. Night sky created a fresh draw for subscribership. Rings of Power will continue to deplete Amazon’s financial resources for years to come. But can they keep subscribers by being a one trick pony?

  6. OK Amazon, why do you imagine we will continue to watch your “special” series when you truncate them before any resolution? I am looking as I write for a more satisfying alternative. As far as I am ci=oncerned you are at strike two.

  7. I am deeply disappointed that there won’t be another season of night sky. Sissy spacek and JK Simmons and all the others that contributed deserve some kind of nomination. I binged it because I couldn’t stop watching it It was that good!!! Please do your best to bring it back because I and many others will be eager to watch.

  8. I thought it was a “limited series” when I started it. I was glued to it. I thought surely Sissy Spacek will get best actor for this not to mention JK Simmons. At the end of the 8 episodes I wondered “how can this be over”. Then I read that Amazon cancelled it. What a huge mistake, but I guess we live in a society that’s all about money. Whatever the reason, i think it is a huge insult to the actors and to the public. But what does Bezos care? He is actually going to another planet himself. Ha. At least we had some wonderful acting from the two leads. Very touching indeed!!!


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