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Nev Schulman’s Wife, Laura Perlongo, Loses A Pregnancy To Miscarriage

“Catfish” host Nev Schulman announced that his wife, Laura Perlongo, recently miscarried her first child.

There was a series of images shared by the 37-year-old magazine writer on Thursday, showing off her manicure as an analogy for losing a pregnancy, in which she used her nails as a metaphor for losing a pregnancy.

Laura Perlongo, Nev Schulman’s Wife, Reveals She Miscarried

In a candid Instagram post, Laura Perlongo, Nev Schulman’s wife, revealed she had miscarried a child after a year of being pregnant. The caption of her Instagram post posted on Thursday, January 26 on the Instagram account of the 37-year-old reality star, who is a mother to three children with Nev, 38, began by writing: “Damn, this manicure has been through a lot.

About to change it, the manicure that is, n feeling a little sad to see her go. Maybe that’s obvious, maybe not.” As part of the writer’s Instagram slideshow, you will find several images and videos that were posted as part of her Instagram account, including a close-up shot of the intricately done nails on her hands, a pregnancy test, a mirror selfie showing off her stomach, videos with her family, and many others.

​“Girl, life is such a trip. Life n death, business as usual. “No need for sympathy or anything, just didn’t wanna change the nails on this one without saying a word even though that’s the expectation, I suppose. But it’s all so intense, real, or delicate and fleeting. The gain. The loss. It’s all the things.” Continuing to say that, she explained.

She noted that she did not intend on posting [an announcement of her pregnancy] until 14 weeks pregnant. In a message shared on Twitter, Perlongo expressed his deepest sympathy for anyone who has also lost a child during pregnancy. “And if it’s happened to you too, I’m just sayin it happens a lot. And the all too real fantasy of what could have been. … Love you love you, love you. All the moms n future moms. All the babes n future babes. Dads n future dads too.” She concluded.

The Wedding Of Schulman And Perlongo Took Place In 2017

Two years after Schulman and Perlongo met by DMs on Instagram and nine months after they welcomed their eldest child, daughter Cleo, they tied the knot in 2017.

A year later, the couple welcomed a son, Beau, who was followed by a little brother named Cy one year later, in September of the following year. “Cy Monroe! best birthday present EVER 🥰. Thank you @lauraperlongo for making my life so full and magical.” Mr. Schulman wrote via Instagram, posting a picture of himself holding his newborn son.

About Nev Schulman

Nev Schulman is a television host, producer, photographer, actor, and director who lives in Los Angeles, California. After a controversial incident at Sarah Lawrence College, he was expelled and became widely known for his documentary film ‘Catfish. In addition, there are several magazines in which his photographs have appeared.

He founded a production company for film and photography with his filmmaker-actor brother and another friend. During Schulman’s online relationship, his brother and partner filmed it, which later became the reality thriller, Catfish. This documentary received wide critical acclaim and led to the MTV series of the same name.

He is a moderator, uniting online couples that haven’t met in person. Schulman is the executive producer and co-host of this show. A book he wrote, ‘In Real Life: Love, Lies, and Identity in the Digital World,’ discusses social media risks. Furthermore, he founded and is active in the nonprofit organization ‘Leave Out Violence.’

Laura shared with us the loss that they have suffered. This was a rather heartbreaking thing to hear. Our prayers are with them in the hope that the future will bring them the good news. The showbiz world has so much to tell you, so please stay tuned so we can tell you more about it.

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