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Netflix Acquires ‘Pain Hustlers’ Movie Starring Emily Blunt for $50 Million

Just when you think Netflix can’t go bigger than this, they hit you with the biggest “Tudum”.

Netflix has expanded its video-streaming business into other entertainment spaces and is now making deals with major movie studios, signing the biggest stars from the industry.

The company has also started building out its own distribution network to ensure that consumers can watch its shows no matter where they are. In short, Netflix is everywhere and it’s not stopping anytime soon. 

Netflix has just added another feather to their coat by scooping Pain Hustlers in a whopping $50 million deal which would make the largest deals on the Cannes to date. Pain Hustlers will star Emily. Here’s everything you need to know.

Emily Blunt Teaming up with Netflix for new movie “Pain Hustlers”

It doesn’t matter who else is in the film, you’re going to want to see Emily Blunt do her thing.

After being a part of amazing, award-winning movies like The Devil Wears Prada and A Quiet Place, Emily Blunt has given the industry no choice but to consider her one of the most exemplary actresses currently here.

Consequently, it comes as no surprise that she is once again headlining another major blockbuster.

With the future of the Harry Potter franchises up in the air, director David Yates is set to be working on a juncture plan. According to various sources, the filmmaker has set up his next project at Cannes Film Market, a thriller titled Pain Hustler.

Emily Blunt starrer “Pain Hustlers” is making a roar on the internet as the film is being said to be the biggest deal of Netflix so far.

The actress was confirmed for the film last week with filming gearing up to start in August. The film’s project was introduced to buyers at the Cannes Film Market. 

Pain Hustlers: What’s the film about?

The film will follow Liza Drake, a high school dropout who lived as a struggling mother of one. She dreamed of a better life for her and her daughter and so she started working at the Pharma start-up in the yellowing strip mall in Central Florida.

Liza’s hard work and dedication have launched her business into high life. She soon finds herself in a criminal conspiracy after getting involved with someone who has no concern for her safety. The project is set to go before cameras on August 22. 

The film is penned down by Wells Towers who recently wrote the critically acclaimed The Pretend Villages: Inside the U.S. Military Training Grounds Wells Tower. Emily Blunt seems like a perfect choice for the film as she possesses a similar style foo acting to complement the role.  

The film is produced by Lawrence Grey and Yates and Yvonne Walcott Yates. 

Pain Hustler could work wonders for the streaming giant as the collaboration of Emily and Yates can highly raise the stakes for the platform. 

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