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NeNe Leakes Denies Son, Brentt’s Sexuality As He Seemingly Comes Out As Gay

The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” alum NeNe Leakes wants everything straight (no pun intended). After her son, Brentt seemingly came out as gay, the former Bravolebrity addresses questions surrounding his sexuality and revealed that her son isn’t gay despite what people are saying amid his viral TikTok video.

‘No, My Son Is Not Gay’, Says NeNe…

This weekend, NeNe Leakes’ son, Brentt shared a TikTok video which left his fans wondering if he is gay. However, his mom came forward and addressed speculations about her son’s sexuality.

NeNe, known for her bold statements and vivacious style, came forward and stated during a “Breakfast Club” interview Monday (Jan. 31):  “Brentt is not gay, not to my knowledge.” The 55-year-old television personality stated that she received a call from her son and he was like, ‘Mom, everybody is asking if I’m gay because I did this TikTok thing.”

She continued, “And I said, ‘It’s OK if you are gay. It’s fine with me.’ And he was like, ‘OK, Mom, I’m not gay.’” The former Bravolebrity cleared the air surrounding her son’s sexuality, who was left disturbed due to a TikTok video. She stated in the interview that she didn’t know “what the big deal” was, and revealed that her son’s happiness.

What’s In Brentt’s Video?

Rumors regarding Brentt’s sexuality began circulating when he posted a TikTok video of himself while attempting to throw a paper ball in a trash can. In the video, Brentt was heard saying, “If I miss, I am gay.” Oh, well he missed it, snapped his fingers and walked away. TikTok users wondered if the post was “clearly a joke”, others congratulated him in the comment section.

However, he reposted his mother’s interview (accompanied by laughing emojis) via Instagram stories to clear the doubts of everyone. Well, that’s how tight the duo are! If you aren’t aware, Brentt’s TikTok video is pretty similar to that of Madonna’s. Previously, the Queen of Pop came out by attempting to throw neon punk panties in a trash can but purposely missed the shot and captioned the clip, “If I miss, I’m gay.”

Brentt’s mother Nene is known for her bold personality and hilarious commentary. However, they underwent a terrible loss, after her husband, Gregg passed away from cancer in 2021. Not only this, but Brentt made headlines last year after suffering heart failure and a stroke.

“Brentt doesn’t drink or do drugs. And obviously, they’ve tested him for all of those things,” his mother, NeNe previously defended her son. “They also tested him for HIV. They were thinking that maybe he had caught COVID and he didn’t know that he had COVID.”

However, he has fully recovered now and has been very vocal about the same. The 23-year-old recently showed off his weight loss transformation in a series of photos, and captioned it: “Focus on you until the focus is you. #100poundsdown,”. What do you think about this video?

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