Indian-American singer and songwriter Neel just released a new single titled “What You Do To Me.”

The young urban artist creates a unique sound blending ethnic, funk and pop elements. Being a classically trained artist, Neel incorporates Indian classical music with a western twist. The track was inspired by his trip to Los Angeles and the beautiful beach vibes of the city.

“I’ve been trying to develop a new sound for myself. With every song or project I do, I try to strive for the best I can. I went to LA towards the end of last year and worked with some awesome people to make this song. As you can tell, when you hear it, it has a tropical, summer, beach kind of vibe. Just wanted to super fun song people can groove to. I just picture the music video in a tropical place with palm trees and me driving in a sweet car, similar to what I did when I was there when we worked on it!…When we wrote the song in the studio, we purposely made it gender-ambiguous - if you realize, a girl can also sing the same lyrics. We thought this was super cool.”

Neel’s upbringing has been influenced by R&B, pop, and Bollywood music which is reflected in his music. Not only does he have Indian classical training but training in western music as well. Can you believe he’s trained in opera music? He also plays the piano, tabla, and guitar. Neel’s skills are a versatile blend that comes across in his music which is why you hear the hint of classical Indian music in this new track.

As a young artist, Neel has been making moves to develop his career. He’s also produced original music as well as producing music for films. Just last year he composed songs for the Marathi-American film, “A Dot Com Mom.” The singer has plans to release multiple singles this year, “What You Do to Me” is the first of many.

“I have some singles in the work which are ballads, straight up dance songs, and other chill ones like this. You’ll just have to stay tuned and see what comes out next!”

Until then, check out this awesome dance video-choreographer Rohit Gijare created for Neel’s new track.


Update: Due to technical difficulties the original video was removed, this article has been updated with the latest upload of Neel’s “What You Do To Me.”


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