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NBC News Anchor Morgan Radford Pregnant with First Child

Morgan Radford is pregnant! The NBC News NOW anchor and correspondent is expecting her first child with her husband, David Williams. She is due in January 2023. Radford announced the news on the Today show on Monday.

Radford and Williams tied the knot in January 2021 after four years of dating. Read on to know more about the couple and the exciting news.

Morgan Radford Announces Pregnancy on the Today Show

Morgan announced that she is most excited about the cuddles and is looking forward to the baby’s first words and steps. She added, “I love that we are creating this whole new human who gets to be exactly who they want to be, and to have new experiences even beyond my own imagination.”

The anchor also revealed that she was feeling a little nervous being a first-time mother. “I don’t know the gender. I haven’t quite read all the books — and by all, I mean any,” she added.

Radford also shared a video of telling her husband the good news. Williams was seen unboxing a present given by his wife in the video. He is visibly surprised after finding a positive pregnancy test in the gift. “Are you serious?” asked the dad-to-be as he smiled and requested Radford for a kiss.

Another video featured Morgan telling the news to her parents. In the visual, her mom Lily screamed with joy and exclaimed, “Really? We are so excited!” The anchor said about the moment, “I have never seen my mom this excited. And I’m my dad’s baby girl, so this was an especially tender moment for him.”

Morgan and David Started Dating in 2017

The two met as students at Harvard University and knew each other for over a decade before falling in love in 2017. They got engaged in November 2019 and planned for a wedding in May 2020. Their plans were, however, delayed by the pandemic, and they finally tied the knot in January 2021.

At the time, Morgan had said that she felt incredible to be married, stating in an interview, “I feel so connected, so secure, so happy — and so in love. I have always heard people describe their wedding day as the best day of their lives, and now I truly understand why.”

“The love that was poured into us this weekend — which was an extension of the love that has been poured into us our entire lives — was an experience so profound and unforgettable that I honestly struggle to put it into words (and that rarely happens!),” she added.

The Anchor was Earlier Underwent Egg Freezing

In 2018, Morgan had revealed that she was looking into egg freezing, the treatment which involves harvesting eggs and storing them for future conception. Morgan eventually conceived without the medical technique. 

“That was an independent decision, for my own peace of mind and my own physical and emotional health. I planned for possibility in the future. I wasn’t married, I wasn’t engaged, nothing. I just did that for me,” said the anchor reminiscing on the decision. 

Congratulations to Morgan and David as they are about to welcome a new member to their family. Stay tuned for more news and updates.



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