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My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Release Date and Where to Read

Dabi has been defeated, now all depends on Deku and his powers to defeat Shigaraki once and for all in My Hero Academia chapter 353.

With Dabi defeated and Todoroki finally fighting back against his bloodline and past to overcome the odds. The final battle seems to be going in the favour of the heroes until now. But what’s in store for the world’s saviours when All for One reveals his biggest wild card.

My Hero Academia Chapter 353 Release Date

The fight between the brothers might have ended with the defeat of Dabi, but it’s only a fight in this final war. Catch up on all the action and craziness in the final battle when My Hero Academia Chapter 353 releases on May 20th, 2022. You can read the latest chapter for free on the official Viz Media website right now.

The Balance Between Hot and Cold

The last chapter left us on a cliffhanger as to who will come out on top between the two brothers. And after much speculation by fans, we finally have the beautiful story of Todoroki growing up from being a secluded prodigy to a team player.

The chapter starts after the retrieval of Deku in the dorms. We see Todoroki talking about his decision to go one on one against his older brother, Dabi. To give Deku a sigh of relief, Todoroki shows him the new ability that he has been able to master.

Using both the hot and cold sides of his power and keeping the heart as the centre point, Todoroki unlocks this mode. Further elaborating, Todoroki talks about the difference in his ideology in using this power.

Where Endeavor wanted him to use his cooling to manifest bigger and brighter flames. Todoroki used the cold to enhance the power of the flames making cold fire. And who better to go against than the fiercest flames in the series, Dabi.

Getting Touya Back

We meet Todoroki and Dabi back on the battlefield, where Todoroki just released his new move, Freezing Impact: Burning Ice Blade. Dabi takes the hit head unflinching to the might of his younger brother.

With this move, Davi understands the true reason for him fighting Todoroki. Not only can Todoroki withstand Flash Fire from Dabi easily because of his powers, but he can also cancel the fire burning through Dabi to put him down.

The resulting attack from Dabi makes the whole land quake. Dabi brings fire from within the crust itself, just like a fire spring. This results in most of the other heroes from Endeavor’s agency burning out but not for Todoroki.

Though he can withstand the attack he prepares to finish this battle with his new ultimate move. Just like the title of the chapter, the ultimate move is an attack which represents everything about a person.

And as he is building it up,  Todoroki recalls his journey with the students of Class A, his best friends. He also remembers his journey of battling internalised inferiority because of his childhood. Rather than his classmates being ahead, he kept them beside him, helping and supporting the best version of himself that he has become.

And with that, he unleashes the Great Arctic Tsunami. A move which breathes fire in an avalanche form, pushing a high wave of flames onto the opponent. It represents his outpouring of love and compassion for the opponent, his brother. And with that, we have a definite victor.

Next week, we will see the continuation of Deku’s chase to the stage prepared for his fight with Shigaraki. So check out when the next chapter releases this Friday, May 20th, 2022.

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