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9 Bollywood Films Americans Must Watch to be a Real Priyanka Chopra Fan

Americans already love Priyanka Chopra as Alex Parrish and as Victoria on “Baywatch” but have they seen the real PC yet? You know she acts, dances and sings but what else do you know?

You can’t fully be a Chopra fan without being familiar with her Bollywood movies. She has given the industry some amazing hits from “Barfi” where she played an autistic child to “Bajirao Mastani” where she played a Queen in ancient India. Chopra has simultaneously taken on producing films as well and on “Koffee with Karan,” Chopra admitted that she’s also working on producing projects in Hollywood too.

Seriously? Is there anything she can’t do?

She has been the cutest thing on American talk shows and the Hollywood media is loving her. However, to be an ultimate Chopra fan we need to talk about some of her best work in Bollywood. To help out her new fans from the West, here is a list of some of Chopra’s best work.

Must Watch Priyanka Chopra Movies

Though some of these films may not be the most popular or ones that have made millions, they are ones that really show off Chopra’s talents as an actress.

1. Barfi

Chopra delivers an award-winning performance in this film as an autistic child heiress whose family continually puts her in danger in order to take money out of a trust fund left to provide care for her by her grandfather. Chopra’s portrayal of the autistic Jhilmil Chatterjee is truly beautiful and her efforts for an accurate depiction of the character shines through.

The heart-touching love story with the deaf and mute Murphy Johnson, aka Barfi, played by Ranbir Kapoor, is so sweet it’ll give you diabetes.

2. Saath Khoon Maaf

In “Saath Khoon Maaf” Chopra takes on a darker role of a black widow. The film follows her life from youth to old age and all the unfortunate men in her life with the young forensic pathologist Arun as a constant. Arun, played by Vivaan Shah, is the narrator of this story, though it is a film with many dark layers, there is also a comical touch.

Chopra’s portrayal of this character with Shades of Grey is beautiful, she is sweet, loving and caring yet vulnerable and suffering inside.

3. Fashion

In “Fashion” a young aspiring model is sucked into the dark world of the fashion industry. This was the first film that gave us a look at the real talents of Chopra. She was innocent, determined to succeed, then powerful—too powerful in fact, which is what led to her fall and facing vulnerabilities. Her co-stars Kangana Ranaut and Mugda Godse were equally amazing.

This film is an absolute must watch for every Chopra fanatic.

4. Dil Dhadakne Do

“Dil Dhadakne Do” is the story of a dysfunctional family whom anyone can relate to. Chopra plays the independent woman who married a man approved by her father but is not respected for her successes as she is the daughter of the family. Tired of her momma’s boy of a husband she wants a divorce but things get messy. Meanwhile, her brother and parents have their own issues to deal with.

The entire ensemble cast of Chopra, Ranveer Singh, Anil Kapoor and Shefali Shah played their roles effortlessly and had such amazing chemistry as a family it is a treat to watch them all as a unit, not just Chopra.

5. Bajirao Mastani

Chopra showed off her skills as a Queen in the epic historical romance, “Bajirao Mastani,” where she had to manage war and a husband who loved another woman in ancient India. The strength that she brings in Kashibai as the queen is faced with struggles, like protecting her marriage or saving the other woman in her husband’s life, is inspiring.

Kashibai’s vulnerability, strength, inner battles were all so beautifully portrayed by Chopra.

6. Mary Kom

A biopic based on the female boxer who defied all odds to fight, Chopra showed off her fierce side in “Mary Kom.” She wasn’t just glamorizing the story as a big star but really showed depth in her work and stayed true to the struggles of Mary Kom.

She was powerful, vulnerable, and so real it will captivate you. This is a story that will move you and Chopra does a fantastic job bringing the story of Mary Kom to the world.

7. What’s your Raashee?

“What’s Your Raashee?” did not perform too well at the box office. However,  Chopra was brilliant in the film. She played different characters, one based on the personalities of every Zodiac sign, as one man is set up on dates until he can find the right girl for him to marry. Essentially all the girls are different and look different, but in his eyes, they all look like Chopra.

She showed some serious versatility in this film as each character had different accents, fashion sense, and mannerisms. The details of her acting are what will impress you the most.

8. Don Franchise

Chopra was the fierce bad ass diva in the “Don” series as Roma. There was betrayal, action, suspense, a little comedy thrown in to this popular crime franchise. She showed the world she wasn’t just a pretty face only worth a dance sequence with this flick, Chopra shined as a powerful female lead.

9. Planes

So technically “Planes” isn’t a Bollywood film, but many people don’t know that Chopra played the voice of Ishani, the bad ass Indian plane who’s better than all the boys and the love interest of Dusty, the small-town plane who is the lead of the cartoon. Created by the same talents behind Disney’s “Cars” franchise, Disney’s “Planes” is just as awesome.

Check out Ishani’s song, sung by Chopra herself of course, from the film! She has a full-on Bollywood dance sequence with back-up dancers and all in the song!

A special mention to “Krrish” and “Krrish 3” where Chopra plays the love interest of India’s first superhero, Krrish. The film is mostly revolving around the life and adventures of Krrish, which is why it’s not featured on the list, but she is India’s version of Lois Lane so she definitely deserves a shout out for that.



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