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Ms. Marvel: Exploring Kamala’s Secret and Powers

The story of Ms. Marvel is everything that the youth of today wants, a young woman who discovers her inner self. Find out what she is all about in this article.

She’s a part-American, part Pakistani, part alien and all amazing and she is coming to Disney+ on 8 June 2022.

Kamala’s No Normal

In her series, Ms. Marvel, the first volume, No Normal explores the origin of Kamala’s powers and the values tied to her character. While Marvel’s show may be shifting from the original story, the core of what makes her tick with the audience will remain the same.

The story starts with Kamala Khan, a Pakistani-American teenage girl whose biggest problem is not getting grounded. When she sneaks out to attend the party of the it-girl of the school, she encounters a green mist that makes her hallucinate things.

As the haziness wears off, she thinks of her favourite superhero idol, Ms. Marvel and transforms into her. When coming to her senses she rescues the it-girl, making it to the news as Carol Danvers.

Next thing she knows she’s in a costume of her own destroying a shop, saving it from being looted. What starts as a misunderstanding, leads to her fighting The Inventor. With Wolverine as a mentor and Lockjaw as her new pet making significant appearances, the comic is full of adventure and comedy.

The cast of the comic includes people of dual origins like her Pakistani-American family, her best friend being Pakistani-American, Nakia or Bruno, who is of Mexican descent. The story has a lot of panels showing the Pakistani and Islamic cultures, with mosques and weddings on full display.

The Core of What Makes Kamala So Popular?

Kamala Khan is the first Pakistani superhero to ever put to print and receive her series, debuting in Captain Marvel #14, she has become a big part of the Marvel fanbase. While not even having a movie or TV series till now, she was the face of the Avengers game.

Kamala represents everything that this generation needs. Teen, confused and a geek, she is trying to find out what it means to be a superhero. And in doing so she has won the hearts of many readers.

Not being white, a man or rich, she is something different, something that sticks out from the bunch. This is explored in the comics in a genuine way which makes this series more important than just the MCU.

How Ms Marvel Will Change Kamala?

Well for once, her powers have been altered to fit with the MCU better. Gone are the stretchy arms and legs, she is now equipped with something akin to Nega bands. While it has many similarities with Reed Richards’ power, Kamala’s powers make her more weird and goofy.

But apart from the powers, there doesn’t seem to be anything else altered with the character. Keeping her family, culture and geekiness intact it seems like Ms. Marvel fans should not fear much.

You can check Kamala Khan in the new trailer for Ms. Marvel

From the trailer, it looks like the story is going to tread in similar footsteps as her comic book version. Let’s hope for the best, when Kamala comes to our small screens this June 8th.

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