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Ms. Marvel Episode 6: Recap and Ending Explained

*Warning: Spoilers for Ms. Marvel Ahead*

The sixth and final episode of Ms. Marvel dropped on Wednesday on Disney+. As expected, the 45 minutes long action-packed finale took viewers on a rollercoaster ride.

The episode followed the emotional events of the last week’s episode and gave a perfect ending to the origin story of the superhero. Keep reading to learn more about the finale and what the future has in store for Kamala.

Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Recap

The final episode opens where the last one left off, with Kamran and Bruno trying to escape DODC after the explosion in Q Square. Kamran’s powers help the pair evade the authorities.

Then we see Kamala has returned to her home in Jersey City after the trip to Pakistan. She is seen revealing about her superpowers to her family members, who apparently already know the details, courtesy of her mother Muneeba.

Kamala then finally gets her superhero costume, as a gift from her mother. The design of the costume was inspired by the shape of her broken necklace in the last episode. On the other side, Kamran and Bruno try to hide in a mosque where Nakia tells them to get to their high school before authorities reach them.

Just in the next scene, the authorities walk through the doors of the mosque searching for Kamran. The pair manages to escape them with the help of Sheikh Abdullah and the other worshippers in the mosque.

Kamala finally meets them in an alley, as they all try to get away from the authorities. Kamala tells them to go ahead to the school as she stops there to call Kareem and asks for his help to smuggle Kamran out of town.

Ms. Marvel Episode 6 Ending Explained

At the school, Kamala, Kamran, Bruno, Nakia and Zoe come together for a showdown against the DODC who had laid a siege around the building. They are also later joined by Kamala’s brother Aamir.

What follows is an epic chase sequence between the group and the DODC. During the fight, Kamran asks Kamala about his mother and finally gets to know about her fate. Enraged, he tries to attack the cops with his power but is stopped by Kamala.

Kamran then walks outside and is surrounded by armed cops. Kamala forms a dome to protect themselves from the attack. As Agent Deever orders a drone blast over the teens, Kamran is not able to control his rage and powers and ends up threatening the crowd.

He is finally stopped by Kamala who forms a dome around them and punches a hole in the ground from where Kamran can finally escape to the harbor.

Following the events, Agent Deever is suspended from the DODC by an angry P. Cleary.

Future of Ms. Marvel

Though the series might have come to an end, Kamala’s story will continue in the upcoming film The Marvels. The same was teased in the post-credits scene of the finale where Kamala gets disappeared from her room, and Carol Danvers appears.

The film will feature the team of Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel and Monica Rambeau as ‘The Marvels’. The film is currently under post-production and is slated to release on 28th July 2023.

We will surely miss watching Kamala’s adventures as Ms. Marvel until she returns to the cinemas in July next year. For more news and updates, keep watching this space.



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